Day 51: The One, The Only The Fred The Jameson

Dear all,

I am happy to be able to inform you that we have just confirmed two more participants for this year’s Institute on Culture and Society, which is annually organized by the Marxist Literary Group, to be held at the University of Illinois at Chicago: Susan Willis and Fredric Jameson.

Oh, yes.

Jameson will in fact organize a workshop on the dialectic, which, as the rest of the program committee knows, made me pee myself a little. I have at this point changed clothes and will now continue to run around my building while waving a copy of Archaeologies of the Future (just because I have that in hardback and can thus more successfully fight off the policemen who try to get me to stop).



  1. Oh, yes. yes. YES. YES. YES.
    That’s awesome!!! Is this Nick’s work?

  2. Yes, it sure is. Looks like the MLG is going to be a lot of fun this year!

  3. Congratulating the two of you (and Nick) to the forthcoming experience:-)

  4. Thank you!
    BTW: we are still accepting proposals for presentations. So, if you, or any colleagues have a presentation-worthy paper on historical materialist hermeneutics (or any other kind of engagement with Marxism), or a Marxist-inspired paper that deals in some way, shape, or form with slavery (as the general topic of this year’s institute is the 200-year anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade): send them to us. (contact me and I will provide you with an email address you can send proposals to).


  5. Congrats, i think you explained me once who he is and why you wanted to pee yourself if he comes around.

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