Day 74: Fascist America

Dear all,

I realize it has been a while since I wrote something, but I have been going through somewhat of a rough patch, which prevented me from blogging.

To get back into my routine I will just a post an article my friend, sociology rock-superstar Natascha, just sent me (in fact, after severe worldwide pressure, she indeed just recently officially adopted the acronym s.r.s. as her middle name). I do enjoy the rhetoric and doubtlessly demagogical project of the article, as we are facing another severe right-wing push in the aftermath of the VT shootings, which tend to situate Ted Nugent as the voice of reason.  Here the link to the article:,,2064157,00.html

On a different note, I just saw Hot Fuzz to cheer myself up and the movie is truly funny. Seriously, any movie that exaggeratedly replicates Point Break will find a direct way into my heart. (I do in fact own Point Break, just in case my strong attachment to shite movies has not become sufficiently clear yet.) Makes me nostalgic for England and shows me that aesthetically I am more susceptible to Ivory Merchant than to Sam Peckinpah. Strange.

Oh, I do want to make a serious exception here for the Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill movies. I should really write about those sometime, as I am still shocked by the fact that people in the US do not seem to know them at all. (Yes, I will be resorting to low-brow posts for a while–need to spend my daily dose of smart on other things in order to make sure I’ll get a job someday).


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