Day 82: Yay! More Possibilities to Produce Heroes!

 Bush just…well, he did his thing again and Democrats are already talking about rolling over. Seriously, who was really surprised by this? 

Today a short and not very complicated ‘Marcuse for the Day’–but honestly, do we have anything to add to the following that will make it more accurate? The simplicity of the logic that suffices as a means of critique may be the most offensive thing about the whole fucked up present situation.

Western civilization has always glorified the hero, the sacrifice of life for the city, the state, the nation; it has rarely asked the question of whether the established city, state, nation were worth the sacrifice.

For those of you who cannot get enough of the spectacular theater of cruelty that is contemporary Western civilization here a segment from this week’s “Harper’s Weekly:”

The Vatican revised its teachings on limbo, raising hopes that the souls of unbaptized dead babies could be saved.1 Kryptonite was discovered in a Serbian mine,2 the Office of Special Counsel opened an investigation of Karl Rove,3 and a man dining at the London restaurant “Zizzi” amputated his penis with a kitchen knife.4 Researchers investigating the collapse of honeybee colonies in Europe and the Americas identified several possible reasons for the catastrophe: poor diet; radiation from mobile phones that disturbs bees’ sense of navigation so they cannot fly home; increased solar radiation due to the thinning of the ozone layer; bee AIDS; stress from cross-country travel in trucks; falling queen fertility; the microsporidian fungus Nosema ceranae; or imidacloprid, a pesticide sold under the brand name Gaucho and banned by France in 1999 for spreading “mad bee disease.” Investors were advised to put their money in gold and corn futures to profit off the recession that may result from the disruption of the food chain caused by the vanishing bees. Grapes, which self-pollinate, and olives, which are pollinated by the wind, will not be affected by the bees’ disappearance; Christians pointed out that the Book of Revelation predicts that a famine sparing grapes and olives will precede the apocalypse.


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  1. Marcuse makes a good guru. The question whether it’s worth the sacrifice is best answered by Anti-falg: “Die for your country, that’s shit.”

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