Day 83: Where is My Mind?


It is not just when I listen to the Pixies that I have to ask myself this question. No, last night at about 9 I realized I was out of coffee and still needed to get some writing done. As the writing had to include the attempt to fuse Jameson and Freud in an argument about historicity I felt like I should be awake. So, I went to Caribou around the corner in order to get what I hoped would be my coffee of choice: Rainforest Blend–a smooth and creamy dark roast that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, organic and a fair trade product. When I got there, however, I was informed that they did not have any left. Even worse, they told me they are completely phasing it out! Faced with the intolerable cruelty of not being able to enjoy my favorite coffee any more I began to search the list of coffees for something comparable, but remained unsuccessful. So I asked the girl behind the counter:” do you have any other free trade coffees?” She looked at me funny and when I realized what I had said I could in my state of shock only stammer: “well, I guess the rest of them all are.” Has neoliberalism taken over my mind? Is it not only working through viral marketing, but maybe also through direct control? I cannot help but think about the videos anaj has posted in which some creepy guy with a gigantic, bushy eyebrewery (they are not just eyebrows any more–its a whole eyebrewery–in German: “Augenbrauerei”) fucks with people’s minds and makes them want things they did not originally want. Now I am scared of people standing around on Chicago sidewalks whispering “free trade, free trade.” Thank God I rarely leave the house. Now I have a reason to continue my development toward digital hermit state.

Another short and clear ‘Marcuse for the Day’:

Scientific management of instinctual needs has long since become a vital factor in the reproduction of the system: merchandise which has to be bought and used is made into objects of the libido; and the national Enemy who has to be fought and hated is distorted and inflated to such an extent that he can activate and satisfy aggressiveness in the depth dimension of the unconscious.

P.S.: Does anyone else think a bunch of Helnwein’s stuff is actually pretty good (such as “Epiphany”)?



  1. (Laughing) This reminds me of a similar experience I had at school. A girl came up to me and said that she liked the dress I was wearing and asked where I had bought it. What was initially intended to be my reply of “At the thrift store. I like to shop cheap” ended up being “At the thrift store. I like to chop sheep.” What was worse is that immediately after realizing my mistake, I giggled. Way to sound even more psychotic.

    Needless to say, I did not make any new friends that day.

  2. Ha! That’s funny.
    But, hey, who wants to be friends with people who show a positive response to the chopping sheep thing anyway? (or with free-market capitalists for that matter–not sure which one is worse–I have a feeling they share a common mindset).

  3. P.S.: just made me think what a remake of _Silence of the Lambs_ starring Milton Friedman would look like.
    The horror. The horror.

  4. Yes, the Derren Brown thing is worrying me too. I cannot imagine that Derren has any friends (apart from the ones that he hypnotized to be his friends) because they all must be afraid that he is playing tricks on them.

    And you know what? I just realized that I bought a latte macchiato with vanilla flavour at Tchibo’s just half an hour ago – I thought it just felt right.

    I normally avoid drinking coffee after three, as I cannot sleep well anyway. Nevertheless, I bought some because it felt RIGHT – an hour after I had posted the Tchibo/Picasso thing.


    Another story from this department which unfortunately only the speakers of German will understand: Three years ago I went to a Media Markt to have a spare part of my CD player replaced. The first assistant went back into the warehouse to get the part. While I waited for him to return, a second assistant approached me, asked me whether he could help me at all.

    And I said: “Danke, ich werde schon geholfen.” And then: “Ich glaub nicht, dass ich das grad gesagt habe.”

    First language attrition at home, thanks to advertising!

    (I hope that you know the Telegate campaign with Verona Feldbusch, cause if you didn’t the joke would be futile).

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