Day 87: Strange Days…

… is an interesting movie–I might write about that at some point in the future. But really I am just using the title to refer to today, which was, well…strange. Turned in another chapter, but somehow did not get that feeling of temporary satisfaction. Even my typing sucked today–literally: I misspell every single word I type. Just cannot concentrate. There are lots of weird things going on at the moment and most of them are not the good weird. I’ll have a beer and try to sleep everything off. Maybe by tomorrow I won’t be as out of sorts as I have been today. Strange days.

New Marcuse tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot: fuck you, too, Dick Cheney.


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  1. It’s an odd day today. My computer didn’t want to start this morning. It took me nearly a dozen attempts to get it started, and then nothing worked well. Once I had it started I began making backups, which took forever. I cleared the desktop, but didn’t delete anything apart from that. After I had mailed Helpdesk, it suddenly worked again. Any I can’t sleep. Ans I cannot wait for this week to be over.

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