Day 94: Live Free or Die Hard


Hi Folks,

I was a bad blogger over the weekend, so here an update on recent events:

1. Friday was “Looptopia” in Chicago, an all-night arts festival with a multitude of events all throughout the Loop. After initially being really excited about this I went out to look at stuff and was quite disappointed to find out that the organizers had apparently not expected more than five people to show up, much less over a hundred thousand. All venues were overcrowded, the Cultural Center even closed at some point due to what the police in certainly overdramatic terms described as the potential collapse of the building due to the mass of people inside. My personal goal was to survive the night and participate in the 6 a.m. bocchia tournament in the park, but somehow the police did not really understand that this event was supposed to get people to stick around until dawn (for the big sunrise celebration). Hence, after being told by the police multiple times that “it’s 2:30 in the morning–go home for crying out loud” I was rather disillusioned and ended my night there. Funny contradiction in the whole event: people were supposed to stay until 6, or 7 in the morning, but after about 2 a.m. there was really no place for people to go, so not surprisingly the masses took to the street and I think we were about one more 40 oz bottle of Steel Reserve away from a nice anarchic riot. But, alas, the whole thing just dispersed after a few hours of yelling, smashing bottles etc. Good organizing! I am pretty sure what was supposed to be an annual event from now on will not be back next year. Too bad–did not see any of the performances I was actually excited about. The great festival of arts ended up more of an excercise in the carnivalesque, celebrating the ability to drink in the streets. Quite sad.

2. I already wrote about this, but again: 28 Weeks Later is truly worth seeing. In the film US military cannot restore order to and protect London, now called “the Green Zone.” Need I say more?

3. I also saw the trailer for the new Die Hard movie: Live Free or Die Hard. No, I am not kidding. That’s what it is called. Think 300 was bad in respect to nationalist and militaristic propaganda? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Bruce Willis is the only celebrity born in my small hometown and I am sure I am speaking in the name of all those living there when I say: Bruce, you have made a lot of shite movies, but after this one, don’t you dare ever visit us again. If need be, I will fight you abroad, so that my home is safe. Say, pre-emptive bare-knuckle fight here in Chicago sometime in July? Send me an e-mail. I have to protect my hometown, after all. (you cannot tell, but I am writing this as I am standing on top of a trashed car waving the flag of my hometown–you dumbass). Your father was in the military, man–and you still do not understand that many American soldiers and many, many more Iraqis “die hard” in a war that does not makes us able to “live any more freely? (whatever the hell that means for you people)” It’s not, either/or, as suggested by the title of your movie. It’s both. Inevitably. You dumbass. In fact, I now officially prefer Ashton Kutcher to you. There, I said it.



  1. $10 and a 40 of High Gravity says you take him in 2 rounds.

  2. Not sure–haven’t left my desk in a few months. In fact, I think I lost my butt sometime toward the end of March. But if you give me the 40 prior to the fight it might increase my chances–or make me blind–either way, the fight would be more interesting.

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