Day 97: Avoiding Nude Pictures

Today is the day! As I have announced a few days ago, this week marks the end of one of my s&m writing strategies. Just very quickly: I still have not decided what to do with my hair, so I decided to leave this up to someone else. Figured I would just let the hair-cutting-person (there are so many names for them lately) go nuts. To that end I will go here at noon. As you will see if you follow this link, this is a hair/tattoo studio, so I am hoping for some creative ideas on their part. I also hope that it is not mandatory to become part of that nude picture project involving their clients (well, not all of them are nude–but you’ll see what I mean–might not be such a good idea in respect to my future teaching activities). I will write more when I get back this afternoon. Have to get some more writing done before I leave.



  1. I really don’t know how your hairstyle is at present. But it has always been a pity when you cut those lovely curls when they were a bit longer. Grumpf!!!

  2. Well, it is so long and so curly that I am extraordinarily annoyed at the moment. In fact, I chose the tattoo/hair studio because I am in fact toying with the idea of shaving my head and getting a tattoo of a haircut, so that I won’t have to deal with hair any more. Or maybe I should do something a little more regressus ad infinitum: shave my head and get tattoo on my head of britney spears with a shaved head, who has a tattoo of Yul Brynner on her head. Or, I’ll just get a haircut. We’ll see. 🙂

  3. in fact

  4. This Mathias-Britney-Yul-tattoo would really be a new form of multiple personality. Hey, fits perfect with my thesis.

  5. Am I too late? Did you do it? Did you shave your head? Oh no! Now you’ll have to grow out a beard…

    Too bad I didn’t read this sooner. I might have been able to give you some suggestions. What a bummer. It would’ve been fun. Regardless, I hope they did a good job on you!

  6. Ah, isn’t always amazing to see which posts get the most comments? I don’t think I ever had any more comments than on ny goatmilk posts – it is the human, all too human things that can trigger a response in any compassionate fellow being:-)

    Speaking about those lovely curls: I hope we are going to get a before and after picture. Also let us know who ended up doing your hair. My bet is either Annie or Abbie, or JayJay or JoJo.

    And before opening the comment tree, I was also planning to recommend to have a hairdo tattooed to your scalp. But good I didn’t have to point that out to presumptuously.

    Here is a poem my first ever American friend Coe Leta taught me:

    Once I thought that I had very curly hair
    until I shaved my head instead
    and found that I had very straight hair
    and a lumpy head

    That’s how she taught me the meaning of the word ‘lumpy’.

    (Anyone know that rhyme?)

  7. hee, hee. no, i did not know that one, but there is some truth in it. i decided against shaving my head. i had done that once before, but i was not completely convinced by it, since i also had a big beard at the time i did not want to lose as well. so i have never been completely naked in the head region. while shaving the whole thing is something i am still interested in, i had to have surgery about a year ago, which left me with a pretty mean, ugly and quite large scar on the back my of head that would certainly scare people off (especially students).
    all that is to say: i went there (pretty fun place, by the way–and very cheap–so i think this is where i will go as long as i am in chicago) and not even with the help of the stylist could i figure out something i was truly excited about. so she (tiffany, not one of the people on the site) gave me a not overly spectacular, but quite, well, messy haircut with hair in different lengths and weirdness and curls and whatnot. not sure what i think about it yet. instead of doing something radical i opted for color, which is the project for this weekend. nothing spectacular either. i assume it will be the standard purple/black. i’ll just grow my hair a little more and then see if i cannot do something more drastic at that point. cornrows, maybe, so that i can be the stereotypical neoliberal-with-good-intentions-racist english teacher. ha, ha.

  8. reminds me of karen tei yamashita’s novel _tropic of orange_ in which she writes: “multiculturalism is a white guy in a flannel shirt wearing dreadlocks.” the character who says this (asian american–female–sitting in restaurant) then proceeds to yell at a white woman for wearing chopsticks in her hair, steals her knife and fork and in turn decorates her own her with these utensils.
    great novel.

  9. I shaved my hair once and then found out that I have half a dozen of little red spots and three lumps on my skelp. Couldn’t wait for my hair to grow back. The shaved head look for women will forever by modeled upon the look of Sinead O’Connor, and it’s difficult to look at oneself without measuring oneself against her. Others quite liked my bald head, or at least said so. Who would be the secret role model of male bald heads? Bruce Willis?

  10. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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