Day 103: Housing etc.

Just quickly (I am in such a rush lately): I got the apartment. I will go sign the lease tomorrow morning. Yay! Beginning June 1 I will be living in East Lakeview and you will be able to see me run up and down the lakefront bikepath.

Also, I talked about the first four completed chapters of my dissertation with my director and they are apparently not too bad. I obviously have lots of revision to do, but I am beginning to see light at the end of the tunnel. More specific reports tomorrow.

Also: tonight the season finale of Lost. Will John Locke survive and allow us to enjoy that growing, utterly enjoyable insanity (or sanity–depends on how you look at it) of his in the future? I may have to post some reflections on the finale here.



  1. Congrats on the new place! I’m glad you settled on Lakeview—I think you will like it there. Maybe I’ll bump into you on the path…

    P.S. Regarding your previous post: Why are you misadventures so effin funny? I feel so guilty for laughing, but it all sounds like something out of a cartoon.

  2. Congrats on the new place!

  3. Thank you both very much. I hope the place will be more fun in the future than it is now. Just rented a moving truck yesterday only to be called by my landlord 5 minutes later, who informed me that my floors might not be done by June 1. Awesome! Well, then I’ll have to sleep hanging from the ceiling.

    Why I am so cartoonish? Well, generally that is just due to the fact that I am a rather stupid person. This cartoonish tendency also seems to exponentially grow during semester breaks, usually at least leading to one major physical injury. Two summers ago I almost lost a leg playing kickball (sounds overly dramatic, but I truly did not have a lot of skin left on my left leg after I tried to slide into third and discovered while sliding that the grass had turned into asphalt). This Christmas break I spectacularly fell while playing inline hockey and gave myself awesomecuts and bruises. One of the bruises (on my left thigh) is still slightly visible today (I fell in the first week of January!). Last summer I had a few smaller things, such as getting my face severely bloodied and bruised because some homophobes up in Uptown mistook me for a gay guy (hence found that that would be grounds for kicking my ass–I lived close to some gay bars), while inline skating I hit a girl who crossed the street, which caused me to bruise a few things and to fall in the lake, etc. etc. We’ll see what this summer brings. Reminds me, however, to make sure I sign up for summer health insurance.

  4. This is just awful!!! I was laughing before because you being on roller blades and finding you can’t get into your apartment because a ginormous crane happened to hit your house has an amusement quality equal to that of a cartoon, but now I’m just speechless. You should ask if your health insurance comes with a free bodyguard.

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