Day 107: More PhD Comics

Today is a writing day again (surprise!). In fact, I need to get about 20 pages done to stay on track. Should work out, as I have everything meticulously planned and structured in the form of five multi-colored pages on my legal pad. Part indicating topics and structural connections, part excercise in procrastination, the vivid colors of my outlines have something of a fusion of Pollock’s chaos (fittingly often referred to as ‘cataclysmic landscapes’) with Rothko’s  desire for simplicity and Kandinski’s striving for order. I will make sure to hang on to them. They might be worth something someday (like a dollar about 150 years after my death because we will have run out of trees and paper will be a hot organic commodity).

Anyway: I have to write today and will hence cut this short. So here just a few more examples of my favorite PhD comics–they truly help me to fend of the occasional surge of desperation and intense existential anxiety.


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