Day 112: I Like to Move it Move it

Dear all,

first of all let me say that I hope you all know this horrible song and will share my current, painful earworm with me for a few hours. Cruel, I know, but misery loves company.  So: you like to…MOVE IT!!!

This is the last night in my old apartment and I will be finishing the packing business pretty soon. My notebook is pretty much the last thing to be put in some box, so I might still get a post out in the morning. If not, let me just say to those of you whose e-mails I have had to ignore during the last week that I am very sorry about that! I have also not blogged as regularly as I would have liked, or responded to your comments (and if I have written things here they have lately lacked theoretical rigor). But I promise this will all change once I get everything squared away regarding my new living arrangement. I am still kinda hoping that I can steal wireless once I get there (shhh…don’t tell anyone!–in case you do: I was obviously just kidding)–but I already programmed Comcasts’s customer service number into my cell. In any case, I am sure I will be back with a vengeance by Monday at the latest (this expression reminds me that I am still pissed at Bruce Willis–just to reiterate this [see one of my previous posts for more info]).

Oh–and skunk got safely to Pilsen. Just thought I should announce this briefly. He is a good person to help move. Despite the fact that we began to call yesterday’s extravaganza “The Deadliest Move” (in reference to the Discovery Channel Show “The Deadliest Catch” we love so dearly) after we saw how many stairwells were between us and the new skunk apartment, he provided us with food, laughter and lots of beer. I will try and continue that tradition tomorrow. I already put the PBR in the fridge.

Well, more packing (and one of those PBRs) for me and maybe one last quick post in the morning.

(Turns out, I own a boomerang, as well as a decorative skull candle that bleeds out of its eyes when you burn it. Who knew? I will add to that the plastic cat that poops brown jelly beans skunk gave me as a small token of his gratitute yesterday.)


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