Day 115: I Officially Do Not Like to Move it Any More

Dear all,

just really quickly, since I do not have internet in the new place yet:

Thanks to skunk’s and kasparovsmentor’s help the move went quite smoothly. It was, of course, the hottest day of the year thus far but was doubtlessly better than moving in weather similar to the nastiness we have to put up with today. The new place (which I had not seen prior to moving in) turned out to be a lot smaller than I had expected, which was a negative surprise. But I believe I can make it work. Pros of the new place: great neighborhood and new oak floors. Cons: broken window that does not close (not so cool when you live on the first floor), broken bathroom sink, nasty bathroom floor and broken lock in bathroom door, which will not open again once you close it–I found this out the hard way after I got up yesterday morning, wanted to go to the bathroom and could not get in–had to run out to buy a screwdriver and take out the entire lock–good stuff! Consequently, I already had to piss off my super by telling him that I really would like to have these things fixed (just called him again after a whole set of previous phone calls–luckily I had some help yelling at people–I am not so good at that). Apparently, having access to your own bathroom is a privilege in this new building (as is a working sink), so the super has still not agreed to fix it. I might have to mud-wrestle him tonight in the park. No, seriously: this is all kind of irritating and I hope for his sake that our next conversation about fixing these things will be more successful.

So: now I will make my way back to this place and try to figure out a way to create some space that will allow me to put together my bed. Most irritating thing about all this: I really have a lot of other shite to do (such as finishing another chapter, as well as another article and preparing for the MLG conference), so all of this craziness wastes a lot of time I simply do not have.

Aaah, the life of PhD students: no money, lots of work to do and not enough time to drown your sorrows without either falling behind on your work or drinking away money you need to spend on books. Joseph Heller would get a kick out of this. I might just put my bed together, go to sleep and see what happens if I simply do not get up for the next month. That’s right: I’m about to go all Rip van Winkle on everyone’s ass!

 cheers, cj


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