Day 122: The Weekend


Dear all,

yes, I still do not have internet in my new place but that should happen by the 20th (or so ATT claims at this point). Hence my blogging-efforts remain somewhat sporadic in nature. I am still trying to finish Falling Man. This is quite embarrassing, since I have been reading the book for the last week. The annoying thing is that I am still distracted by moving-related things (such as putting together my bed, which I finally did this morning). However, I have now set up my desk and hope to get back into a more rigorous study and writing habit. In addition to the current chapter and a conference paper I will have to complete the first of a series of entries I am writing for an encyclopedia on American literature that will be published next year. The entry I am working on right now is on Dos Passos’ USA trilogy, which I should re-read again for the sake of double-checking the accuracy of the entry but the essay is due June 25 and finding the time to read DosPassos’ 1300-page colossus next to all the other stuff I have to do might be hard (also, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the issues I am working on at present, which makes the endeavor not a lot easier). We’ll see how far I get.

Quick recap of the weekend:

I fell on my inline skates in a quite embarrassing manner trying to make my way back to my apartment at 1:30 in the morning on Sunday–upside: it wasn’t too bad (only a few bruises) and I was able to provide some comical relief for the masses on their way home from the bars in my neighborhood.

I saw a Japanese movie called Paprika, which reminded me in interesting ways of Cayce Pollard in Gibson’s Pattern Recognition (even though the plot of the film is certainly not too complicated and in no way up to par with the novel–i.e. this is more a statement about my personal relation to the strong-female-cyberpunk-heroine, which, I must say, I am inreasingly realize is quite sexy [ontologically, politically and, well, visually]–I feel compelled to add here, however, that I certainly do not mean this in a weird Hentai way–yes, the movie is anime, but that is not the kind of sexy I am talking about–I am mostly talking about Cayce Pollard here–if one stops reading the novel at page 200, that is–but that is an entirely different discussion).

Also: has anyone noticed that weird rhetorical move Republicans currently are so fond of again in recent debates that accuses Democratic plans for health care reform and global trade of bringing us “dangerously close to socialism?” Seems like along with the memory of Reagan (who is frequently invoked as a desperate attempt to revive the conservative values of the GOP) the Republicans try to revive Cold War logic and anti-communism as a dominant cultural fear in the US, which, so they seem to hope, creates a renewed need for conservative morality and (economic) politics. Not only is this Democrats=socialists argument ridiculously desperate in nature but it is also a sad sign of how politically and philosophically uneducated presidential candidates are (or how uneducated they assume the public is). Seriously: the relationship between Democrats and socialism in regards to economic principles is like the relationship between deciding to drag a little less dirt into your apartment and a five-person, deep, spring-cleaning of the place.

***EDIT: I forgot: I also witnessed this year’s “World Naked Bike Ride Chicago.” Hundreds of people gathered, got naked and rode their bikes through Chicago in order to protest US dependency on oil, as well as promote a “healthy body image.” I am not sure how successful the whole thing was regarding both of its intended goals but it was certainly a sight to see. For more info visit their website.


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