Day 125: ok, ok…


So, yesterday’s post was not really popular. Strange. Honestly, I just wanted to write something, since I had a guilty conscience for not writing more frequently. However, I was sitting here at Dollop and did not really have a lot to talk about, having spent most of the day with psychoanalytic theory.

I am currently reading through Jacques-Alain Miller’s recreation of Lacan’s “Name(s) of the Father” seminar–the seminar Lacan never gave (after his “excommunication” he just continued with “The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis,” which is available for us in book-form as Seminar X, or XI, I believe). Psychoanalysis days are just weird days. Just had another one of those. I should have known this was going to be a weird day when I turned on the radio before taking a shower and the first song I heard was “I Have a Detachable Penis.” Good stuff. That pretty much set the mood for a good psychoanalysis day.

Today, I have been reading some Lacan, as well as some less widely circulated Zizek articles (one on “the fundamental perversion” and one on “Lacan as reader of Hegel”). Despite the fact that I generally enjoy the reading, I am very much looking forward to finishing this chapter and to getting back to an economic framework for a while–it’s good to change back and forth between kinds of brain exercises once in a while. For now, I will have to go back to Lacan’s conception of desire (in relation to fantasy and the name of the father)–which, in short, Lacan develops as follows: desire is a misunderstanding. This means (and my former students will remember this) that objet a is an object which is “the condition of desire, and this condition is distinct from intention. It is the conditionality of desire in relationship to what was once its intentionality” that we encounter in objet a. What I am trying to formulate at present is an account of how changed subjectivity under what we can for the moment, however inaccurately, call “neoliberalism” responds to a change in the structure of formulating jouissance in relation to the troubling of the father-as-structure barring access to objet a. This question has dramatic consequences for our understanding of current political subjectivity–I promise.

In other news: I may be getting a new bathroom sink tomorrow; AT&T unsuccessfully tried to connect my phone/internet and will have to come back tomorrow (hopefully with better news); and I believe that my upstairs neighbors are out to get me–no, I am not paranoid–it is the truth (which is the central belief guiding every paranoiac–which makes paranoia and religion pretty much the same to me–but we can talk about this later)–in any case: every time I try to take a shower they flush the toilet and I get first-degree burns on my ass–don’t get me wrong, these things happen–but do they happen EVERY time you shower, no matter what time it is??? And do they happen on average three times per shower? I want to believe that my upstairs neighbor is old and incontinent but that theory conflicts with the fact that my building is full of young people. So: they are definitely out to get me. I am not sure why but I will now go home and look for the camera they use to watch me.

P.S.: does Lacan have Bela Lugosi’s eyes? And does anyone remember that song?Whatever happened to great music like that?



  1. This is completely unrelated to psychoanalytic theory…or maybe it’s not…but I just wanted an opinion from my favorite German…what is up with German squirrels?

  2. And also…I need to get your email address, so I can email questions like the one above directly to you, instead of posting them as non sequiturs to your blog. We miss you Mathias–it’s good to read about your life and be in touch again.

  3. Um, the music is undead, undead, undead. 🙂 By the way, if you enjoyed detachable penis, it’s by a band (maybe you know this?) called King Missile–on their second album, whose title, I of course forget.

    Speaking of internet, I just got mine back. I went the comcast route and had to have technicians come out no less than 3 times. So, my sympathies.

    Other than a burning ass, how is the new place treating you?

  4. Erin: Hee, hee. German squirrels. I had not heard about this but I will definitely have to research this more. I might also involve my friend and colleague Wes in this, as he has always been fascinated by squirrels, who apparently have the biggest testicle size to whole body size ration in the animal kingdom (also, they apparently tuck them away when they fight for mating rights–again, this ia all according to Wes–I have yet to verify this–but, and this brings me to your question about the German squirrel, I assume the recent rampage may have been a result of the lack of tucking away on part of this particular squirrel).

    skunk: No, I did not know King Missile–but now I will definitely download some of their music. Other than that, my ass is fine. Yes, yes, I just said my ass is fine. I have a fine ass–in the tradition of Judge Schreber as reported by Deleuze and Guattari (not only is it solar due to the nice weather but the occasional boiling of my ass seems to tenderize it–quite interesting–I’m thinking of renting out my apartment as a special ass-spa over the weekends–maybe in coordination with a music event–“Rock the Ass-Spa,” or something–ok, lame Clash joke…moving on). But seriously, the apartment is quite ok. It is rather small but after some organizing I made it work. My super is also beginning to fix some things, so I assume it should be in decent condition in a few weeks. How is yours working out? I am still fantasizing about that throne of yours.

  5. ratio–not ration

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