Day 130: Brian Walker

I kinda like the work of Sydney-based artist Brian Walker, even though it sometimes painfully reminds me of Cindy Sherman’s PoMo trash I dislike so intensely. Pictures like the one below, however, often seem strangely outdated, as the whole cyborg wave has not been theoretically interesting any more for at least the last decade–but there is something strangely anti-futuristic/nostalgic about these photographs (i.e. an element that undercuts the Haraway-chic that has become so boring and politically useless) that makes them borderline interesting to me. In other words, as illustrated by the image below, the cyborg component is removed from the focus of the work and is replaced by the retro-directed focus on the fruit loops and the yellow drink–it is not a depiction of liberation/addition but rather of loss, which is precisely why I am interested in Brian Walker’s work.



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