Day 131: Cayce Pollard Units & the MLG

Here a nice example of the fact that within advanced consumer capitalism nothing is a mainstream as not being part of the mainstream (yes, again a sentence that my former students probably cannot hear any more). Not only would Cayce Pollard really love this accessory but it could also be the official shoe of Project Mayhem–i.e. it is a great example of anti-capitalist resistance becoming an integral part of contemporary capitalist accumulation. See the following link:

Other than that the MLG Institute on Culture and Society begins today. To be honest, I wrote this post last night and changed the time stamp, since I had to get up at 6:30 in order to begin setting things up for the conference. Below a PDF file of the conference program for those who have not seen it yet. For more information please visit the website of the Marxist Literary Group, the link to which you can find listed in my blogroll. The website also provides you with instructions for how to sign up for the MLG listserv, which allows you to participate in intellectual exchange, discussions and keeps you in the loop regarding all things Marxist as debated by (not only US) academics (including conference and publication announcements). Let me remind everyone inthe Chicago area again that all events of the Institute are free to the public and that everyone is welcome to attend, listen and participate.


As a quick personal note: I have been searching “Marxism” on youtube (for a reason–Ronald Strickland posted some fantastic lectures that introduce the basic concepts of Marxism) and most of the stuff I found were videos that told me that “Hillary Clinton is  a Marxist. Don’t trust her!” I will not really go into detail about the obvious falsity of these claims, the extent to which propaganda can afford to become increasingly clumsy if you sufficiently de-politicize the public, etc. I will, however, repeat something I have said before on this issue, putting it as bluntly as I can while avoiding to actually engage with this right-wing crap on any truly serious level: the relationship between Democrats and socialism in regards to economic principles is like the relationship between deciding to drag a little less dirt into your apartment and a five-person, deep, spring-cleaning of the place.

Ok, so that’s that. I will try to find time to post updates on the MLG Institute throughout the next few days, which will also mark the transition back to a more serious phase of blogging for me (i.e. I will return to posts about criticism and theory and pick up some unfinished discussions from a few weeks ago–esp. regarding cognitive capitalism/capitalism 3.0). My post-moving phase was mostly marked by blogging about personal issues as a form of talking-cure/anamnesis (yes, anamnesis! my shower problems were very traumatic–see previous posts), but that is not entirely fulfilling (my traffic has gone up, though–strange–maybe I will have to serve some self-help/critical theory fusion cuisine here).

Und schnell zum Amusement der Deutschen Leser hier der neueste Titanic “Brief and die Leser,”: 

»Ausgetrockneter Po bereitet italienischen Bauern Kopfschmerzen« meldet der Bayerische Rundfunk – santo cielo! Ein bißchen Olivenöl/Panthenolcreme wirkt da Wunder! Stellt Euch mal nicht so doof an, sonst fahren wir im Sommer in die Türkei.




  1. Abonnierst du die Titanic? Brav, brav – mist! Ich hab mein Spiegelabo gekündigt, aber die die Emailbestätigung gelöscht…

  2. Yep–ein bisschen Spass muss sein.

    Wow–I feel like I got hit by a Mack truck this morning! The first day of the conference was great but I just passed out one hour after I got home–soo tired. Six hours of sleep was also not enough to recuperate. I do not even have time to post–maybe tonight after the book launch. What redeems this getting up early business is that my first stop is Intelligentsia coffee where we will pick up 5 gallons of coffee in a few minutes. Aaaah…coffee.

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