Day 137: MLG ICS 2008

Adding to yesterday’s “MLG 2007 Wrap-Up” post, today some things I forgot to mention, including info on next year’s institute coming from Sunday’s business meeting.

Following the success of this year’s institute the MLG ICS 2008 will be longer again. We might not get back to the initial lenght of the institute, which usually was somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks (someone rightly noted: ” I have no idea how anyone survived that”) but next year’s institute will be a seven-day extravaganza. The location has not yet been decided upon but the choice at this point is between UW in Milwaukee, MIT  in Boston and Chicago (not again here at the University of Illinois at Chicago but at Columbia). There has also been talk of bringing it back to the west coast in the next few years. People have also been discussing the idea of increasingly internationalizing the institute (we did have people from Romania, Italy, Canada, Japan and Germany this year), so foreign readers might want to look into this. The topic of next year’s institute will be “anti-globalization.”

One of the things I love about the institute is the increased potentiality of very simple statemets leading to highly theoretical discussions, revealing the in fact highly complex nature of an initially seemingly simple statement. My favorite quote regarding this came from Neil Larsen (in the context of the reading group on Saturday, I believe): “Capitalists are people, too. But they own stuff.”

My overall favorite quote came from Fredric Jameson. At the MLG barbecue (a longstanding tradition), which was held at the house of one my my dissertation directors, Jameson was overheard engaging in an intimate conversation with my dissertation director’s dog Rufus. I did not hear this myself but someone walked by this exchange that happened away from people and saw Jameson take Rufus’ head in his hands and heard him say: ” Hello puppy. Do you have rights? Foucault says you have rights.” I am not sure what Rufus’ response was but this is certainly one of my favorite MLG ICS 2007 mental images.



  1. Muharharhar Friday is coming up.

  2. Oh shit, that’s right! Well, looks like I have something to do over the weekend. That in turn also increases the stress level for this week to a normal level, since I have to finish that article now before Friday. Aaaah, what a relief. I already thought I would have to think of something crazy to do…like sleeping. 🙂
    BTW: just found out that I have a rooftop terrace–how cool is that!? Perfect for reading during the day and a beer before bed while watching the beautiful Chicago skyline.

  3. Wait: don’t you get here Saturday morning?

  4. That Jameson bit is classic.

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