Day 144: Quick Recap

Dear all,

sorry for the blogging break but I currently have a visitor. An old friend who now lives in California is staying with me and I am trying to do my duty as tour guide. Actually, I should not say “tour-guide” as he is quite self-reliant (not in an Emersonian way but still…). He was actually out by himself yesterday during the day so that I could sit down an get some work done–sadly that did not leave enough time for posting (which I am doing now while he is still sleeping). Fun thing about taking him around: we do it on bikes and our friend Edurne was nice enough to lend him her small women’s bike with a basket in the front (my friend is about 6’4 and weighs around 240 pounds)–a beautiful picture! Like a bear on a moped.

I don’t really have time for an extensive report on the past few days, which is what I will try to write tomorrow. Just this much: the Saturday night outing (yes, we did in fact decide to trade the coffee shop and books for a bar–well a bar and then Carol’s–the Chicago natives of you know what that means) was concluded with the purchase of a six-pack and the consequent sitting on the pier by Montrose beach to watch the sun rise. What a wonderful thing to do and what a beautiful beginning for a day! That immediately motivated us to go swimming, which took a little of the romance out of the morning due to the freezing temperature of the water but it was still a beautiful thing to be the only person in the water (I stayed in the water to do some actual swimming). I do now have dunes in my apartment that were dragged in via our clothes (not having a towel became a bigger problem than expected) but this really just amplifies the short vacation feeling I am currently having, as ridiculously sandy floors remind me of our surfing vacations in southern France/in Brittany, which used to be a standard summer activity for us about ten years ago but which I have not done since 2000 now (which was the last summer that I was able to go on an actual vacation). Hence, I will simply count this morning and the following day, which we spent playing soccer at Montrose beach, as my vacation.

In work-related news: I am currently freaking out about not having done enough work on my chapter and new article over the last few days–I will get back to that tomorrow, though and be a good boy again.

So: more in-depth coverage of the past few days tomorrow. Hope everyone’s well out there!


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