Day 146: Too Little Writing! (and freegans)

As much as I enjoyed the last few days of hanging out with friends and only doing a few hours of work a day, I woke up this morning with one hell of a guilty conscience for not having done any writing. I did read a little over the first half of this week but my chapter/articles have remained untouched. Not a good situation. This means that from now until the 16th I need to get tons of writing done (which is when I will be leaving for a short trip to Germany–well, actually I already made my peace with the fact that I will need to take a lot of work there–my grandparents bought me a ticket home for my 30th birthday–as was true for pretty much all of my birthdays for the last decade or so, I will not be able to celebrate it, however, since my actual birthday will be the first day of teaching for me this semester–yay!–I haven’t really celebrated my birthday for a long time (i.e. party, or with a group of friends/family) and I was initially planning on doing something for my 30th but after thinking about it I realized that I am sort of over the whole “king for a day, fool for a lifetime” idea of birthdays–in any case: it was so nice of my grandparents to give me a ticket, even though I will not even be able to be at home for my actual birthday–they are such great people–always willing to give and help without having a lot themselves). But to make a long story short: I need to start writing some shit!

Oh, and then this: freegans. I have been talking about this with a friend over the weekend and I still have serious reservations regarding the logic and politics of this approach (even as just a thought-experiment–e.g. consider a comparison between freegan and homeless person and what this distinction contains in terms of social and political force fields, as well as what the freegan’s choice means for the non-choice of the homeless person). Those of you who read Kim Stanley Robinson know about this but for the uninitiated, see this site:

To partake in the fun, here a listing of “urban foraging sites” in your local areas (“dumpster directory”):


Oh and just to further illustrate my reservations about middle-class dumpster-diving and waste-recycling as a means of arguing that we can easily survive that way (so why the hell are homeless people begging for money??? the freegans seems to be fine) this picture: yes, it is freegan-chic (I apologize for the bad pun in the picture as used here but this struck me as the perfect representation of a freegan)!



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  1. […] I read about freegans today on Jetsam’s blog and thought that I would like to be a freegan, but I don’t quite dare […]

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