Day 152: European Orgasms

The European Commission recently uploaded a clip on youtube that is designed to celebrate and promote European cinema. It features lots of people having orgasms and ends with the line “let’s come together” (and celebrate film, unimaginative marketing campaigns, etc.) Apart from the fact that the clip is not really that spectacular and really not that clever I am quite surprised by the protest wave it sparked–if you click this link to youtube and read the comments underneath the clip you can see a few examples of what I am talking about–sometimes I really cannot believe how incredibly repressed people truly are. Maybe there is really a strong Marcusean/DeSadean/Reichean connection between sexual repression and the potential for violence–see Theweleit on fascism as well. In this case: congratulations to the USA! Well, anyway…here the link:

And there the clip:

And here, to add a more scientific basis to my above speculations, a clip that explores that interconnection between sex, violence and societal repression:


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