Day 155: Cheating Death

I just read a list of things that will help you not to die. I would like to share with you two such guidelines, guidelines that, it appears to me, should be respected by each and every one of us.

1. Never EVER (even think about) mock(ing) an owl.

2. Never EVER imagine it is Saturday when it’s not.

There. Now everyone is safe.

I have also been thinking about the reasons for which George Washington could not tell a lie (in fact, I just wrote about two pages on this as part of chapter five of my dissertation). I keep seeing more and more people who ride their motorcycles not just without helmets but also without hair. I keep hearing radio ads for the Simpsons movie in which Homer talks about a “spider-pig.” I am not sure what spider pigs do and if I should be scared of them as part of my whole arachnophobia extravaganza. I am off to Powell’s now to buy Vol. 9 of Y: The Last Man. I also need to do a lot of laundry later. Today is the strangest today since yesterday. I may also need to do a lot of laundry tomorrow. I will keep you posted on that, though. Seems to me the future is not what it used to be either. Oh, and after not liking AAA batteries yesterday I decided not to like Ryan Seacrest today.



  1. I sometimes enjoy reading your posts as though they were minima moralia entries. “155: Cheating Death” is a case in point. 😉

  2. High praise, indeed. Undoubtedly undeserved but I’ll take it. I like our apparent compulsion to classify all we read by cognitively mapping it in relation to what we perceive to be a scheme of writing created by our own ideological imaginary. I like to refer to the things you post on your site as “the footage,” in reference to good old Gibson. Just make sure you as “the maker” stay away from landmines. 🙂

  3. so perhaps ryan seacrest should mock an owl on a friday, thinking it is saturday, while trying to install AAA batteries in his motorocycle that he will ride without a helmet, and then he will certainly be wiped off the planet thus relieving you of at least one small annoyance.

  4. Aaaah.. I have always liked the way you think. 🙂

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