Day 157: Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Not sure why Cat Stevens was necessary but there you go. In any case, I will be hopping on Air India flight 126 at 7 p.m. and fly home to Germany (well, to Frankfurt and then I’ll drive the rest). While I very much look forward to seeing my family and my dog, this trip comes at a somewhat inopportune time for me, as I am in the middle of putting together my applications for the job market this fall. This means I will also have to finish my dissertation by this fall (at least make a concerted effort), polish the existing chapters, come up with a writing sample, etc. So, this will be very much a working family visit for me. I hope I won’t get too distracted. I always bring work when I go home but I usually do a lot less than initially planned due to the multitude of possibilities for relaxation. I guess I will just really have to suck it up this time–after all: if I work my ass off this summer and fall I might actually get a job, finish my dissertation and be done with this grad school thing. Let’s hope the job market will kindly reward my efforts.

After finishing this post comes my least favorite part of the day: packing (apart from the actual flight, that is–I am always ridiculously uncomfortable on these long flights–my knees and my shoulders hurt, since I never have enough room, I cannot sleep and hence tend to get very cranky during the last four hours–SOOOOO BOOOORING!!!–they also tend to punish me with really bad movies–last time I had to watch Blixa, for crying out loud–I’ll just have to make sure to take sufficient reading material). Regarding packing: no, I have not started yet (which always seems to be my problem–I just cannot make myself pack until a few hours before the flight). Fun addition to packing this time (not that I would not dislike it enough already): I have to plan out chapters, revisions and two articles I have to write while in Germany and then decide which books I need to take (i.e. a whole additional suitcase filled with books). Well, I guess I will have to get started sometime soon. So: I might not be able to blog immediately but I should be back to writing by Tuesday night (or Wednesday morning). Apparently, the weather is nice in Germany at the moment, so I’ll post some pictures. Bis bald, y’all!

***EDIT: it is now about 3 p.m., I am still not done packing and I should be leaving for the airport in about an hour. Not good. Why I am writing this when I have really no time to waste? Good question. Wow, I hate packing!

Will I need sweaters? A Jacket? A llama?



  1. Have a great trip!! Let’s get a beer when you get back.

  2. Thanks a lot! And, yes, the beer sounds good. I’ll try and practice in Germany. 🙂

  3. happy travels, cousin. bring your own reading material. i recommend water for elephants, its about the seedy underbelly of the circus…dirty, smarmy, you can almost smell the greasepaint and animal deuce.

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