Day 162: Stauffenberg, 07.20.1944 and…TOM CRUISE???

Today a quick post regarding something that just pisses me off to no end. Yesterday marked the 63rd anniversary of the most well-known attempt to assassinate Hitler. Centered around Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, a small group that came to be referred to collectively as members of the “conspiracy of the 20th of July” organized the military resistance against Adolf Hitler and plotted his murder and a subsequent coup. The plan referred to as “Operation Valkyrie” ultimately failed to kill Hitler, the participants were killed or imprisoned and their families were severely punished (concentration camps etc.) and their last names were changed in order to try to erase their lineage (the Stauffenberg children were re-named “Meister”).

Just in time for this anniversary a new film project called Valkyrie, telling the story of this part of the German resistance against Hitler, was announced together with the pleasant piece of news that Stauffenberg’s role will be played by Tom Cruise. Now, we all know that Hollywood has a limited number of pretty, overpaid actors who are randomly assigned to roles in an utterly de-historicizing manner without any real concern for what the roles are, but letting Tom Cruise, a missionary for the totalitarian organization Scientology, play the role of a person who managed to turn away from totalitarianism and finally decided to wake up, opt for sanity and try to produce progressive change, is just beyond bad taste to me. I know I should not be writing this, since several German directors already proclaimed that too severe a critique of this ideological clusterfuck and affront to history may have negative effects on the appeal Germany has for Hollywood movie productions (“one call to L.A. by a disgruntled producer who has heard people in Germany make negative remarks about Tom Cruise may be enough to severely damage this industry for Germany”), but you know what? Fuck Hollywood! There, I said it. Scientology may be accepted in L.A. as well as among the Hollywood chiqueria who apparently see no contradiction between their assumed political “liberalism” and not speaking out against Scientology activity in their midst, but I for one would be glad to criticize the hell out of Cruise and his fellow Scientologists, especially if this were to destroy an industry whose primary function seems to be to obfuscate the precise history of ideological and political systems. I wish I could find the picture I saw of Tom Cruise dressed as Stauffenberg–let’s just say that, in typical Hollywood fashion, there is little difference between Cruise’s Stauffenberg and Depp’s Jack Sparrow. So much for historical movies coming out of great, fantastic, please-associate-with-us Hollywood. In reference to my earlier post on Die Hard and Bruce Willis: even though he is not from my hometown I will hereby add Cruise to my list of idiot actors I would like to challenge to a duel (since arguing with such people really does not seem to do any good–hence a stupid, boorish, reactionary and unpolitical whacking with a big stick may be the only way to keep them from … well, being themselves).

Sorry for the rant–I am not even that angry at Cruise. His relationship to Scientology is probably taking place on the same intellectual level as the relationship between Mike Tyson and Don King. I am just really annoyed at Hollywood today and maybe even more so at German directors (such as Volker Schloendorff!!!), who let themselves be strongarmed by that industry. It is really, really embarrassing.

P.S.: aaah…here we go! Please see for yourselves:





  1. the geman gov say they look ‘pleasantly to it” and Cruise is more deended than attacked by the germans; everyone defende him and he is such a great actor it’s an opportunity for them; also, the Babelsberg studios are more than happy for their production

    scientology is a global scam, but the scintologist seems more stable and stronger and smart(well no wonder the scientoogyloves money! money comes from work and IQ) to my knowledge, I know some scieno, they are cool; attack miscavige and the cos but not the members, that is totalitarian and gestapo ‘ish!

  2. Yes, if you read the comments on the website I provided a link to you can see that opinions are indeed beginning to be more favorable–what the sources for this claim are, the reasons for it and the purpose such a claims serves are points that are, however, more or less clear.
    Yes, I agree: the studios are probably very happy about this.
    Yes, Tom Cruise is a great actor (and cute, too!). Maybe not as great as Gary Busey or Alf, but still.
    Yes, scientologists are smart. After all, you are right that the amount of money you are able to accumulate is an index of your intelligence, so, yes, scientologists must be quite smart (almost as smart as the guy who sells the _Girls Gone Wild_ videos).
    Yes, attacking bad actors and religious cults is indeed a totalitarian move on my part and quite gestapo-ish. I apologize for this. As a matter of fact, saying bad things about anything is quite totalitarian and what’s more, it tends to make you no money, so it is also not very smart.
    Consequently, let me say, in very positive terms, how much I appreciate your comment, you selflessly coming to the aid of those who need it most (Cruise and Scientology), as well as your heroic effort to fight against the totalitarian exclusion and ignorant and negative stigmatization of circular logic by making it a-okay to use it once again in comments on blog entries.

  3. Bryan Singer directs? I’d tap Werner Herzog. Is there a current Klaus Kinski for the lead?

  4. Well, there is no real Kinski but Thomas Kretschmann was supposed to play Stauffenberg (an East German/GDR-born theater actor, who also played the lead in _Stalingrad_ and also in films such as _The Pianist_). However, when Cruise became available Kretschmann was replaced (he still plays a smaller role in the movie, though). I guess the better actor won. 🙂

  5. “Yes, Tom Cruise is a great actor (and cute, too!). Maybe not as great as Gary Busey or Alf, but still.” thank you for articulating this much overdue truth. alf never gets the credit he deserves.

  6. Neither does Gary Busey, possibly the greatest actor of all times. In fact, I have a dentist appointment in September, which is specifically arranged to finally realize my lifelong dream: being able to smile at people with Gary Busey’s teeth.

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