Day 169: Gary Busey’s Teeth


A four day blogging break. Wow. I just realized that I have indeed not blogged for four days. I will give you two possible reasons for this and you can choose the one that is more to your liking: a) I have been lying on a beach, getting a tan, doing some occasional surfing and spending the rest of the day being fed seedless grapes by Donald Rumsfeld, or b) I have been so stressed out during the last few days that I did not have the nerve to write something, since I have been pulling all-nighters in order to meet writing deadlines and each and every word I would have posted would have been pissy.

>No, Donald, I am writing a blog entry. Be quiet, go sit over there and stop telling other people how much smarter you are when it comes to the correct way of feeding grapes to people in a foreign country. I’ll tell you when I’m ready for my foot massage. NO! That’s a BAD Donald!<

Sorry. It’s so hard to find good staff these days. As I was saying, I have been writing a lot of stuff lately, which makes this suposed vacation quite exhausting. I’m glad when the semester finally starts again and I can relax while grading papers.

What else has happened? Let’s see: they ruined the Tour de France for me (well, at this point it has become quite funny, actually–in an insane laughter, “we’re all going to die!” kind of way)–I gotta say: all of this doping-witchhunt weirdness should be stopped and they should legalize it. Then it would just be up to a few weenies left who fetishize being “clean” (treehuggers on bikes, basically–and we all know never to trust a hippie) to step up and get with the doping business. Yes, your testicles will shrink but from the limited bicycling experience I have I believe it is safe to say that those things are a nuisance in that sport anyway. So, there we go. Problem solved.

Hmmm… maybe that was too sarcastic. Sorry. I also generally like hippies, despite the John Lydon dictum. I even saw my first jogging hippie a while ago. That again was disappointing. The long hair and beard swaying in sync with the rythmic flow of the siren-like music of the ultra-commodifier called body cult. Sad. But strangely energizing.

Huh… not a lot else happened. Oh, I can share with you a line from yesterday’s chapter, or rather the claim that sets up the discussion of the second half of the chapter (hyper-vague summary: class and race throughout US history). Maybe that line is worth discussing:

“upward-bound class mobility is anti-American.”

Do with this what you will.

Finally, I would like to come back to the Tom Cruise post from a few days ago and to some of the comments made in response to it, stressing one aspect of the post that did not get enough attention: Gary Busey. He is fantastic. He acts. Well. He smiles. Like a God. I want his teeth. Once I can afford to get them, I will singularly sleep in 30-minute increments for the rest of my life, just so that I can brush my teeth more often before and after bed. Gary Busey. Wow.

Also: I miss The Deadliest Catch. I haven’t had TV for almost two months now. Surprisingly, I survived. Now I think I am starting to be scared of my TV. Since yesterday I am also scared of giraffes–well, the rear half at least. Not sure why. Everything from the shoulders on (in direction of the giraffe butt) is scary.

And: today I decided not to like hydroculture potting soil/stones. They are too light when you pick them up. This confuses me and I really cannot afford to become any more confused than I am at this point. Oh, and just to make sure that bunny isn’t losing sleep: I like AAA batteries again.



  1. There is something obscenely special about G. Busey. His face, his teeth, the soft tissue they obscure. A giraffe among men, if only from behind, Busey captures the novel innocence of the coked-out American experience. When will he do my dream cop-buddy film with Sean Penn?

  2. I did not know Gary Busey until now, but I want his teeth, too. I am currently saving up to get my teeth fixed on day (no kidding). And I will really have my teeth fixed, unless I stay unemployed for more than ten months (not completely unlikely) because than my meager savings will have been eaten away. But I am dreaming of such teeth anyway! What a feeling that must be, having your jaws filled with pearly whites of such dimensions!

  3. Considering his motorcycle accident (just read it up on wikipedia) his fake must be teeth, too.

    On December 4, 1988, Busey was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in which he was not wearing a helmet. His skull was fractured and doctors feared he suffered permanent brain damage.

  4. This is a question that fascinates me: how fake are his teeth? If you look at pictures of his son one must come to the conclusion that Gary’s teeth are real, unless there is such a thing as a veneer-gene. I wonder if I can get that gene somehow.

    Oh, if you want some second-generation Busey action that completely stands in he tradition of the kinds of movies the Busey’s are involved in, watch _Starship Troopers_. There hasn’t been a Busey film that was THAT Busey since _Point Break_ (and that was VERY Busey–it was also very Keanu–“Johnny Utah, F B I !!!”).

    What still confuses me, however, is the Busey factor in David Lynch. See _Lost Highway_–generally not a very Busey film, yet, Lynch decided to Buseyfy some scenes. Strange. But then again he also Henry Rollinsified some scenes. Hmmm…

  5. I have of course watched Starship Troopers – but Busey wasn’t in it, was he?

  6. Well, it was not Gary Busey but his son. Awesome display of the Busey-teeth, though. He’s the annoying guy with the fiddle.

  7. Those teeth just can’t be real. He looks like Jon Bon Jovi, except Bon Jovi’s glow in the dark.

    Is this American dentistry at its finest?

    The head ages, crumples and caves in, but the teeth remain perfect. US graves are filled with indestructable gleaming white teeth…

  8. I’m sure they#re not. Busey had a serious accident some years ago, that alone would have done to smash the teeth.

    Good question about the teeth! I suppose nobody has yet bothered to make them bio-degradable?

  9. You may have noticed in recent years that the film industry is being stalked by a fleet of hyperactive clones. The film industry consists of missed planes, ruined meetings, spoilt evening meals with the family, frayed tempters. And all of that is even before you get to the effects of just-in-time movie production. Gary Busey on the other hand is none of these things, Gary Busey is a green field littered with perfect looking cows, Gary Busey is the snow falling from the clouds on Christmas Day. Gary Busey is the negative H.I.V test a prostitute is given in a New York hospital. Gary Busey is a heroin-user living in an Afghani opium field, Gary Busey is simply a legend, not only do I feel that there should be statues of Gary Busey throughout the country, but I also feel he should peruse a career in politics. I know I would vote for Gary Busey, wouldn’t you?

    Vote Gary Busey

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