Day 177: Ein Humba für die Feuerwehr

Today just a brief post including some impressions from yesterday’s excursion to Worms to see the game Worms vs. Mainz. As explained in yesterday’s post, this was the first round of the DFB Cup. The fun part of this Cup, which runs parallel to the regular soccer season and has nothing to do with the national championship, is that teams from the first, second, third and sometimes, as was the case with Worms, even fourth division play each other in a K.O. system (the match-ups are determined in a lottery after each round). So we had the pleasure to travel to Worms (which is even relatively pretty but I would have never though of going there, had Mainz not played there) and watch Mainz take on a fourth division team–not really a fair contest, we thought. But we were pleasantly surprised! Worms actually played very well for the first half of the game, their stadium was not as crappy and small as we thought it would be (12.000 people is pretty good for division four) and the atmosphere was great. Mainz ultimately won 6:1 (1:1 after the first period), which was mainly due to the fact that Worms had attacked like crazy in the first 30 minutes, obviously failing to notice that the temperature had risen to over 90 degrees. So, after 30 minutes they started to get tired and in their frustraton began to do the next best thing to playing a fast-paced game of soccer: they kicked the crap out of the Mainz players. Result: more yellow cards than I could keep track of and two red cards, which meant that Worms had to play the entire second period two men down. Consequently, the rest of the game was a little more relaxed for Mainz, as well as for the fans, who began paying attention to other things than the game, as you will see below. I promised you pictures but I figured I should use that video function on my camera I always neglect and videotape some scenes. They are obviously poor in quality and I only uploaded three of them on Youtube but I am sure you can get an idea of what went on there yesterday.

The first clip is just to give you an idea of the relatively good atmosphere even in this small stadium–well, there is always lots of fun wherever Mainz fans are (there were about 5000 of them yesterday and we were obviously standing in the Mainz block, so this is what you see here).

The second clip shows the most popular people on the field during the second period: firefighters. As it was insanely hot and people were dropping like flies due to the heat (ok, and the alcohol) the Mainz fans began chanting for water, which the Worms fire department solved by opening their fire hoses on the main fan block–and that for the entire half time and the second period of the game! I have more water-fun clips but this one should suffice for the moment.

The last clip shows what went on during the last 20 minutes of the game. As Mainz continued to score on Worms the fans concentrated on celebrating their new friends the firefighters. Here a “Humba” for the firefighters (sadly not in its entirety–I missed the h, the u and the m), followed by “we want to see you dance” chants. They did not dance but I assume this was the happiest day of the year for those few firefighters–not just because they were the stars of the game but also because I am pretty sure that in this small town they were never allowed to use that much water throughout their entire careers.



  1. It’s like being there, only drier. 🙂

  2. That was very kind of those firefighters. And very un-German too – I am sure they are not supposed to spill their resources untimely.

    Btw, is that you saying “Ach du Scheiße”? If you are then you do have a slight Mänzer accent. Grüß mir die Maggit Spoonheimer!

  3. He, He. Yes, that is indeed me. And yes, I do have a Rheinland-Pfälzer accent–not quite Määnzer but close and even more brutal in its ability to alienate non-speakers if let loose (as is true for many Germany accents, I guess). I usually do not have an accent but when I am back on vacation I just let it do its thing. It’s relaxing and I don’t want to buy into that whole pretentious “accents signal low intelligence” kinda attitude. I love me a good accent. Especially in sport situations. Yesterday we played soccer and people yelling things at each other like “och, dau stobbst doch de balle wie annere leud flanke schlaan” just always make me smile.

  4. I don’t think we need to be worried anymore about the possible link between accents and “low intelligence”. I LOVE accents, and the sample your proffered sounds divine! My best girlffriend (BFF, that’s what the Amis call it I guess) is from Wiesbadde, and I could listen to her parents talk forever. From seven to 13 I lived in the Palz, and in the end mastered the dialect, but have unfortunately lost that skill. I am focussing on mastering the Austrian tongue at the moment – and had a linguistic orgasm when the conductor of the Lilliput Bahn in the Proter (Prater) shouted at us because we did get out of the train quickly enough: “Jo wos is ietz? Wollts rejn oder wollts raus?” (Wiener Schmäh is unfortunately not quite transcribable).

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