Day 179: Death Proof

I decided to see Death Proof last night. I had seen Grindhouse back in Chicago but then I heard from anaj that the double feature was cut into two separate films for the European release. The first release was thus Tarantino’s Death Proof, which will be followed by Rodriguez’ Planet Terror in about two months. It seems as though the trailers the US audience was able to enjoy in the faux-intermission between the two features will not be released. Too bad. I also learned that there was one further trailer that was not even shown in the US (only in Canada, I believe), which was called Hobo With a Shotgun. That does sound like something I would like to see (anyone have a link for me?).

Regarding Death Proof: I have to admit that I rather enjoyed the movie. This is not only due to the fact that I have a faible for trashy movies but mainly because I think this otherwise, let’s say, not very complicated film had some quite smart passages. I have made some remarks regarding this on anaj’s post regarding the movie but after seeing it again I would like to point out again that this latest Tarantino film must for me be placed in a category of works that intelligently question the nature of the nostalgia mode (and remember: we’re talking about Tarantino here!, so this is even more surprising). The strategy of undermining the nostalgic plot ironically with the occasional use of cell-phones, the i-Pod and the merging of the car-chase scene into SUV traffic works really well for me. Made me giggle to think that part of the movie says: “nostalgia films are stupid–don’t enjoy it too much–I know you want to but I won’t let you.” And that in a Tarantino movie.

P.S.: my favorite thing about the European version of the film (which is released as an extended version that is 27 minutes longer that the US version) is that I now know what the “missing reel” part in the US version was. They cut out Butterfly’s lap dance. I think that’s fantastic.

P.P.S.: the mailman just came 5 seconds ago and finally brought me my copy of Spook Country. this means I will stop blogging right now…

***EDIT: here it is! The trailer for Hobo With a Shotgun–I was able to find it. There is talk of making this into an actual movie. Remember my faible for trashy movies? This one would definitely make me happy for one night. BTW: this faux-trailer is the winner of a competition Rodriguez organized and was consequently added to the faux-intermission section.


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  1. Whaaaaat! They cut out the lap dance? That was the moment when I begang to get into the movie, i.e. already beforehand when Stuntman Mike recited the poem.

    Ok, I do now understand your appreciation of the cell phone thingy (though it’s still a matter of the perspective you adopt) and appreciate it in turn as a subversion of nostalgia.

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