Day 180: Shakespears Sister


(late post, I know)

But regarding Shakespears Sister (intentionally misspelled): was I really the only one who genuinely liked them? I know I tend to have weird taste in music and…well, things–but I thought this was not so weird. “Stay?” “Hello?” Nobody? Not even those two popular ones? The music video for “Stay” was also pretty good (taking into consideration the weirdness of my taste, as well as the fact that it is older than my favorite T-shirt [which is pretty damn old]). The two “sisters” were also very attractive–maybe that helps spark some phallocentric memories? (Well, I thought they were particularly attractive during my goth phase, yes, but again: I did not think this was so weird and so I do not feel bad for still considering them exceptionally attractive). Just wondering. I am feeling very nostalgic and goth-y tonight (maybe a reaction to not getting a single ray of sunshine in this farce of a summer) and have also been getting crap about liking them lately. Well, screw it: I love them!


***EDIT: I might as well take this one step further and admit that I ended the Shakespears Sister portion of the night and am listening to Wolfsheim’s No Happy View at the moment. Cans… Worms… Eyeliner… everywhere.

P.S.: in happier news: Spook Country is fucking fantastic thus far (well, if you’re into the whole (virtual) space effacing time in contemporary capitalism argument, at least). I will write something of more substance tomorrow. Haven’t had enough time to really make a dent yet.

***EDIT 2: found “Stay” on youtube (evidently there are some people who DO like them). Makes me want to cry. Not sure why. Not a very critical attitude/intelligent reaction, I know. Old memories.

***EDIT3: I might as well put up “Hello” as well.



  1. Thanks for the reminder. I’d forgotten about Shakespeare’s Sister. That whole early-nineties moment is becoming a dim recollection. I was dividing my time between Tori Amos’s Little Earthquakes, Alice in Chains, and, of course, Megadeth.

    Do you remember Belly? Feed the tree?

  2. Maybe you were the only one who liked them. I never did, cannot even say why. Although I am generally very susceptible to late 80s, early 90s Tränendrüsengedöns.

  3. Aah, yes, Tori Amos. That’s a big issue in itself and would warrant a separate weird post (or even a aseries of posts, actually)–but I’ll refrain from this for the moment.

    Re: Träanendrüsengedöns: is it just me, or have the Tränendrusen really been neglected in recent pop-culture? Where is that 80s melancholia and slightly depressive music? What do we have today in that area (things that are popular)? Just Likin Park constantly whining in their songs about a girl that treated them poorly–not a really good substitute and yet that may be about it.

    P.S.: I was introduced to the recent work of Deichkind yesterday and I found myself amused to an extent I did not expect. Funny and quite clever US rap etc. parody (of lifestyle, ideals and especially the stupidity of the rhyming oder ich fress dich concept).

  4. It has absolutely been neglected! By the way (no kidding!) I think it was on a school trip to Idar-Oberstein in 1986 when I sat on a bus (the bus driver was to kind as to play the tapes we handed him) and thought: Never has music been more beautiful! It was a magic year because my brains were flused with hormons for the first time AND the charts witnessed songs like “Lessons on Love” (I didn’t understand the lyrics, so I cannot say whether they were melancholic or not but the song SOUNDED melancholic) “In the Army now”, “Jeanny” (!!!!), “I engineer” and “Pictures in the Dark”. I was DEADSURE that the possible maximum of music quality had been reached, and exhilarated to experience that moment.

  5. You just liked their music because they totally fall into your women scematics. 😉 Have fun painting your grandma’s bath tub.

  6. Albert: true. Yet, not so much recently–maybe that’s the source of the nostalgia? And, yes, I WILL have fun painting her bathtub (also: we just chopped down a huge tree in our yard–lots of spectaclular action–I ‘ll have to show you when you get back to good old Germany this weekend).

    anaj: “Jeanny!” I know!!! I love that one (plus I always tended to like morbid Falco best–even though they are completely different I also liked “Ouf of the Dark”–mostly because it was the last song that reminded my of that 80s stuff–as well as “Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks is da.” Fantastic).

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