Day 184: Strange Days

Is a pretty decent movie with Ralph Fiennes. However, that’s not what I mean. The last few days have been weird. I haven’t gotten as much writing done as I had planned but haven’t really done anything exciting that would warrant postponing my writing obligations either. Just a bunch of weird stuff. My poor doggie developed cardio-ventricular disease and now has fluid in his lungs. Now, I have to take him to the vet quite often, as we are in the process of trying to figure out what kind of medication and what kind of dosage might work. He seems fine (apart from the coughing) but this kind of heart condition can apparently be fatal very quickly. Scary. Poor doggie friend.

I also had to take my brother to the hospital this morning, who lost the inside of his hands to a drunken attempt to hold on to a large natural-fibre rope attached to a large tent, which in turn was in the process of being blown away by a thunderstorm. Bad idea and now his career as a drummer is on halt for a while. Also a strange thing to happen–and it looks really disgusting. Good thing my mom is used to that kind of stuff, as I used to be rather stupid as a kid and constantly did stuff like this. I literally broke every bone in my body (several of them I broke up to three times). Hence, this is not really an extraordinary event here. Though: poor brother friend.

The son of a friend of my mother’s was severely beaten last weekend and developed a blood-clot in his head and a cerebral swelling that put him in the ICU–he is still in critical condition. Scarier than this: his father received a phone call a few days ago from an anonymous man who claimed to know who had done this to his son and offered to “take care” of the problem with the help of Eastern European people for the sum of 1500 Euros. How fucking scary is that? How do people find out this stuff and then see a business opportunity in something like this? Poor humanity friend.

I still haven’t finished Spook Country–quite embarrassing. I will continue to read now, though and post a detailed review when I’m done. Tomorrow, it’s only half a day of work again, since I am going rock and tree climbing (yes, huge-ass trees with ropes and harness and all that shite). I’ll take some pictures. Good potential for serious injury as well–I’ll keep you posted on that, too.


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