Day 185: A Brief Glance Into Spook Country

Here two short excerpts from Spook Country I felt like sharing. This is not yet the in-depth approach to the novel I will try to begin posting here soon–it is simply me sharing some passages I liked.

1. A passage that shows Gibson can write and this in a style I appreciate. Also, I love the subtle theoretical argument included here regarding contemporary structures of feeling. Gibson is one of the reasons the title of my dissertation became Nostalgia for the Future.

After they’d had a look at Alberto’s memorial to Helmut Newton, which involved a lot of vaguely Deco-styled monochrome nudity in honor of its subject’s body of work, she walked back to the Mondrian through that weird evanescent moment that belongs to every sunny morning in West Hollywood, when some strange perpetual promise of chlorophyll and hidden, warming fruit graces the air, just before the hydrocarbon blanket settles in. That sense of some peripheral and prelapsarian beauty, of something a little more than a hundred years past, but in that moment achingly present, as though the city were something you could wipe from your glasses and forget.

2. And we’re back in Cayce Pollard’s universe, indeed:

But think about blogs, how each one is actually trying to describe reality.

They are?

In theory.


But when you look at blogs, where you’re most likely to find the real info is in the links. It’s contextual, and not only who the blog’s linked to, but who’s linked the blog.


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  1. There’s a Gibson interview on the Observer website, here:,,2146777,00.html

    I’m going to blog about it today.

    /me must buy Spook Country ASAP

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