Day 191: Ding-a-Ding-Dang-My-Dang-a-Long-Ling-Long

Yes, Ministry was the sountrack accompanying the last few days over here. Hectic, lots of driving (even though none of the vehicles were actually built by Jesus and they were not even hotrods), lots of different places (and three different countries for that matter), lots of different people and lots of beer and coffee (I don’t think I have ever been this dehydrated in my life–I suppose now I would be in shape to survive the Marathon des Sables).

Apart from trying to get more work done before I head back to the US we also felt like we finally needed to spend some family time, since I probably won’t see them for about a year. We went kayaking on the Sauer in Luxemburg (lots of fun and a high-quality sunburn on my back), we went climbing, part of which was a “high-rope garden” (you can see some of the pictures on my flickr strip–you can’t quite tell from the pictures but it was quite high–30-40 feet–and had a reasonable level of difficulty), I took my grandparents on a road trip, since they don’t feel comfortable driving long distances themselves any more but still want to see stuff (so I took them to the Mosel valley, Trier, Luxemburg, Belgium, the Netherlands, …), I spent a day with friends watching the World Rally Championship, which was here for three days/18 stages (I gotta say, I am not really interested in motorsports but that was fun–you are really close to the track, walk/drive around in between the different stages, can drink a lot of beer–plus, those drivers are fucking nuts–I should probably put some videos on youtube to illustrate this last point), and yesterday I took my grandparents on another road trip, met up with extended family and after that with a friend who just arrived from the US and whose wedding I will have to miss due to teaching, which means that he is going to punish me by making me go shopping for his tux with him on Wednesday. Yep, that was about it. Maybe I’ll put up some more pictures and videos of these activities (hard to find pictures that don’t show my face, though) but right now I need a bottle of water and some muesli. cheers everyone


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