Day 200: 200 Days of Blogging, 1 Day of Not Smoking

Ok, I didn’t really blog every single one of those 200 days. It has been more like 200 days and 109 posts, so a little more than every second day, which is not bad but I would really like to improve upon that quota and get to about a 75% success rate in the fight against laziness.

The not smoking thing: it is killing me. Seriously. I had a job market meeting today, which freaked the hell out of me and marked the beginning of a very stressful period. Smoking a cigarette after this meeting outside University Hall (which is how I usually respond to this kind of psycho-terror) would have been soooo nice. But I remained strong (and instead began wiggling my fingers and toes, a desperate surrogate action that has not stopped yet–hard to type this way). I also went to Whole Foods and got a salad for dinner. I am so healthy right now it’s making me sick.

Today, I also read Vol. 9 of Y: The Last Man–and it was goooood. I never smoked after sex but this was a satisfying experience that truly needed to be celebrated with a good cigarette after. But, again, I remained strong (well, at least I did not give in to my craving–strong may be too flattering a description of my current state). Hmmm…now that I think about it: strange that I never used to smoke after sex. It just never appealed to me. Maybe this means that I should have a LOT of sex, since this may help me not to smoke. Sounds like a reasonable plan, no?

Oh, I also went to a new coffee shop today. Metropolis. I liked it. Good coffee. Lots of people studying. Maybe a little hip for me, now that I am all old n’ shite.



  1. I stopped smoking because I became terrifed that I was developing emphysema. Cancer and death never frightened me, but the idea of that hideous debilitation, that was something else. The difficulty was not with nicotine addiction. No, it was all those little moments of life when habit would find me digging in my purse or shirt pocket for that cigarette. Finish a meal, walk out of a door, pause in writing something–pause in anything.
    Went cold turkey. One thing that helped: Because I had to have something to do with my hands, I cut plastic straws into cigarette lengths, and when I wanted a smoke I pulled one out and chewed on it. Inelegant. Effective, if only because you know you look like an idiot.

  2. Smoking sucks! I stopped when I was 21 or so.

  3. I may indeed need something to chew on–I’ll see what appears chew-worthy to me.

    Smoking does indeed suck, yet I was always very good at it and I think it is unreasonable to expect of me to give up something I am good at. In any case: I just got up and still haven’t smoked. I am slightly cranky, though. When will that end? maybe that is also because I haven’t had my sex treatment to fight my cravings. Could someone maybe make a sex patch (you know, like the nicotine patch)–something that chemically induces these feelings?

    This patch, however, may also bring world peace and the end of capitalism (since people may not ever leave the house again).

  4. “And That is How I Became a Sex Addict,” By: M.N.

  5. And I stopped when I was 23 – it’s as simple as that. Just stop. You’ll never ever get completely over the craving though (I didn’t) – yet just think of your foul breath and that should do. Also, you won’t get your sex treatment if your breath smells.

  6. Did you never smoke after sex to avoid the klischee or for safety reasons? 😉
    I like that you try to quit smoking, but that should not be news for you at all.

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