Day 202: The Non-Smoker’s Playlist

It is day three of my non-smoking extravaganza. I am irritable, fidgety, nervous and incredibly bored. I am a person who is easily bored anyway. I generally tend to get nervous when I don’t do anything and cigarettes were a good way to feel like I am doing something (you know, celebrating the act of smoking with all kinds of small tricks one develops over the years). Now, when I get bored, nervous, or just need something to fidget with, I cannot smoke. I guess the old Micronesian saying is really true: “ye who quitteth the smoking shall be bored at the bus stop.” I walked outside between two classes today and found myself without anything to do. What do people do between classes when they don’t smoke?

Point is, I need something that takes the edge off the non-smoking in certain situations, something to help me be less bored, hence less nervous, fidgety and borderline hyperactive. My current solution: fast and aggressive music at skull-splitting volume. People look at you funny when you walk across campus listening to music this loudly but it truly works (it also seems to scare my students–no one has come to my office hours yet)–I can displace my excess energy onto the aggressive music in my head. Good stuff. My playlist for today:

Machine Head, “Davidian”

Ministry, “Jesus Built My Hotrod”

Nine Inch Nails, “March of the Fuckheads”

Drowning Pool, “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”

Metallica, “Frantic”

Disturbed, “Liberate”

Static X, “Push It”

Fear Factory, “Back the Fuck Up”

Machine Head, “White Knuckle Blackout”

Sepultura, “Chaos A.D.”

KMFDM, “A Drug Against War”

(BTW: this is not entirely representative of my general taste in music and I am not always this nervous/angry 🙂 )

Oh, and every time I feel like I am losing it I just watch this and tell myself that there may still be a career in South Carolina for me (or as  Miss Teen USA contestant):



  1. Limp Bizkit “The Channel”/”The Propaganda”

  2. Kotzen koennt ich dass der scheiss Ausbilder Schmidt mit seinem oeden jetzt auch noch nen Kinofilm macht. Kannst echt mal nach nach dem Aff googlen und auch der Sarajevo link ist gespickt mit Dummheiten und Plattitueden. Pffff.

  3. Vielleicht muessen wir den Herrn Rader mal wieder motivieren dem Herrn Mueller (Ausbilder Schmidt) zu sagen, dass er “der unlustigste Mensch in ganz Idar-Oberstein” ist (der nunmehr seine unterwaeltigenden Kuenste in ganz Deutschland zu verbreiten sucht). Scheint hoch Zeit zu sein.
    “Ich verachte deine standup-routine zutiefst” sollte ein Tocotronic song sein.

  4. Haha hochZeit dass ich nicht lache. Tolles Wortspiel.

  5. Is the Miss Teen America Contest for real?

    Are the contestants lobotomised beforehand? OK, silly question… They’re entering a beauty pageant. Of course they’re lobotomised.

  6. Ever considered taking up knitting?

  7. That’s dubbed! The lips don’t move accordingly! If not: I am happy to smack up any bimbo that tries to slag off South Africa! Stomme blondkoppe, daai!

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