Day 210: Rambo 4 Trailer

Cerebraljetsam is experiencing cerebral overload.

too many insults

too many cynical jokes

too much disappointment

too many (frankly way too obvious, one would think) points of critique

here the trailer:

The trailer above might not work any more (copyright). If so, try this one instead:



  1. What shit. Now with xtreme violence. Are the steroids for art, or the art for steroids?

  2. we solve things with guns heh heh, guns, heh, like in texas, heh heh, like jesus did, heh.

  3. Onward Christian soldiers, indeed. You have got to be impressed by his ability to “bring the love.”
    Also, fantastic that US movies seem to be so invested in the problem of genocide when the US government did everything in their power so they would not have to label the shit that happened in Sudan “genocide”–just in order to avoid having to intervene (since that would have been a real (moral, humanitarian, etc.) obligation for intervention–but it seems like the only interventions the US engages in tend to be the ones that CANNOT be morally justified–in that respect John Rambo is politically way more progressive than the US–congratulations!)

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