Day 211: Pillows and Revisions

I’m currently in the process of revising my completed dissertation chapters. It’s a quite unsettling process. Whereas writing the chapters was difficult enough, getting to terms with laying them to rest, i.e. deciding at some point on a final version, is even worse. I am adding A WHOLE LOT to them at this point and am constantly fighting the urge to change and add even more. The plan is to have a somewhat finalized version of the first section of my dissertation by Tuesday, so that my committee (not just my director) can look at them, begin to think about drafting letters of recommendation for my job applications and begint to give me final comments.

Also, I bought a new pillow–contoured memory foam with CoolCore ventilation system. Way too expensive for a freaking pillow but I have had serious neck problems for a while now (haven’t had a bed in years now and am sleeping on a futon couch–I never bothered to get a bed, since I seem to move at least once a year and never have the feeling of really having a permanent home that calls for a real bed anyway). Hence, it seemed to me that I could at least shell out some bucks for a decent pillow in order to be able to sleep at least somewhat better and cut down on the usual dose of pain medicine. First impression: last night was heaven!!!

Other news: hair is short again, color will be added soon (blue-black). I have been cutting down on the junk food lately and have been eating a lot of salad (from Whole Food’s ridiculously overpriced salad bar)–feeling healthy is strange. I am still not smoking. I work out more. Not sure I like my new self. Hence, I decided to drink more regularly. In any case, the upside seems to be a rather noticable weight loss. I dropped from about 210 pounds in January to 194 two days ago. Doesn’t help me with my dissertation, though. Smoking did. Tricky situation.



  1. Blue. You should dye your hair blue. But don’t hate me if it looks bad.

  2. you first. 🙂
    We can then compare results.
    But seriously, blue-black may be the horizon of weird colors for me as the job market is approaching (can be easily covered/re-colored with something more normal). Seems fucked up, but people have made a bad impression in the past for REALLY trivial reasons (wrong hair, wrong wardrobe, etc.)–if there are 100 applicants per job employers increasingly have to opportunity to cut people for less than professional reasons in order to lighten their workload (reading applications, writing samples, listening to job talks, etc.). So, crazy hair color may not be the best way to go (I might come across as the “look at how alternative and hip I am in my intellectual brilliance” kind of applicant, the kind of egocentric, alternative pop-star academic I dislike myself). I even had to buy some suits this summer! With ties! Man, I can really put on a yuppie uniform now, if I want to. Quite unsettling. Might have to get more hidden tattoos to counterbalance that trend. 🙂

  3. I didn’t know you were going to start putting yourself out on the job market so soon. And I suggested you dye your hair blue! Don’t ever listen to me. Suits, eh? And ties! AND organic salads?! Lemme guess, next you’re gonna like, quit smoking or something, right? Oh, wait a sec…

    No, but seriously, congrats on the no-smoking! That is awesome! You should put that on your job applications. It’ll show that you’re determined and that you care. 🙂

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