Day 213: Hipster Love

Still writing. Minimalism continues.

Also: when will I ever find love like this??? (or at least a good kicking fight) I may try out the “thinking about crossing?” line when I get out of this room again.

P.S.: why is it that I do not consider it far fetched to fall in love over Swamp Thing (or some good zombie splatter)?



  1. YOU are the swamp thing!

    Where do you find these things? More importantly, where do you find the time to find these things?

  2. He, he.
    Well, when I was still smoking I used to take smoke-breaks every hour, or so, which allowed me to stand back from what I just wrote and think about how to proceed. Now that I don’t have the smoke-break any more, I have to do other stuff (which in this case was youtubing–a kind of break, however, that does not allow me to reflect on my writing–I probably should not make a habit of it).
    Oh, and these sketches (and the one that will be posted later today) are from a Brooklyn-based comedy group called poykpac. I find them quite funny, in an almost Monty Python-esque way.

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