Day 222: Here I Am…

… to blog you like a hu… No, I just can’t do it.

In any case: thus begins another chapter in the never ending struggle to maintain a daily posting routine. Today’s post will be shorter than expected, however, since I have to rush to a meeting soon. A colleague and I are trying to get a collected edition out and need to meet about several annoying topics (publisher bureaucracy, babysitting people who are turning in their essays late, etc.). I am also perpetually searching the job list for new postings, hoping for jobs that are not in the middle of nowhere. The countdown to job market has officially begun, thus, and I will have to begin sending out applications in about two weeks. Before that happens I still have to revise/polish my job materials and I would really like to get the article I have been working on out there as well as revise the second part of my dissertation. Hmmm… looks like there is not going to be a lot of sleep in the future. But I have to say: that whole job market thing is rather exciting–in a psychologically completely devastating way, but still. I wonder where (city, state, country, continent) I will end up.

Oh, and just to give you and idea of the state of my life at the moment: I woke up this morning and saw that I apparently stuck a post-it note to my laptop before falling asleep that read, thrice underlined: “Get fucking organized!!!”

I will go shopping for some serious office supplies today and devise a spectacular system of organization–I will post about that tomorrow.



  1. Exciting and pretty irritating. You never know whether you should go for the first fish or wait for a bigger one.

  2. I know. I’ll be damn happy, however, if there is a fish at all. I’d hate to be stuck with years of bait and nothing to show for it. 🙂

  3. That is an option one has to screen out, of course. I am in a rather similar situation here – I’m applying for anything that more ore less fits MY PROFILE – yet my CV does not really project a particular profile. I am just not a good product 🙂

    Meaning that the first fish could of course also be the last — ooooh!

  4. “down to gorky park…listening to the winds of change…” I always thought Scorpions wrote better boudoir ballads than political op-eds, but I’d enjoy a series of posts where you work through their personal relevance. In my case, 13 would have been diminshed without Lovedrive. Wore out the cassette.

    Living a fairly provincial life in rural PA, I’d never seen anything quite like the rhythm of love video. I’m still scandalized. Spaceships and whip wielding alien women. A little bit like k-state, no?

    I wish both of you the best fish!! (sadly I can’t think of a Scorpions song to illustrate this principle).

  5. thanks for the fish wish! and the tip to watch this video

    The only time I could have watched such videos back then would have been on Saturday afternoons, as we only had three TV channels, and that was when Formel Eins was one. I nearly always missed it, and felt like missing out on my own youth.
    I guess it would have scandalized me similarly. I remember listening to I’m still loving you at 14 on the beaches of the Baltic Sea at midnight – that alone was a drama.

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