Day 231: Hands Hurt.

Typing not easy. Helped a friend move all day yesterday. I am now calling this one “The Deadliest Move V. 2.0.” Wow. I’m in pain. Shouldn’t have done it hungover in retrospect. Had a little freakout on Friday night due to what seemed to be an unmanageable workload (I did get a LOT of work done last week, hardly slept but still this was not enough). Hence, decided to solve the problem by saying, “fuck it all” and went to the Oktoberfest with two friends. The fest was pretty sucky, so we decided to go to a “German” bar down the street that just opened. It’s called “Prost–Deutschland/Chicago” and apparently re-created Germany based on the movie Beerfest. German Massbier. Drinking out of boots. Chanting. Everybody ridiculously drunk. Sad place, yet we decided we had to fit in or be labelled uncool. Since that would have been tragic considering the social importance of the people making up that specific discourse field, we drank. Lots. Biked home (bad idea). Got up at 8 a.m. and took a bus downtown to help my friend (the busride was a walk on the edge as well). Finished moving after midnight last night. Got up relatively early today to do work.

That’s all I have to report. I feel like ass. And not like a nice one. Can’t blog in more detail. Must preserve remainder of mental ability for writing. Poor decision making this weekend. Should not drink. Should not have friends. I.e.: should be a better grad student.


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