Day 244: Job Market and Procrastination

This will be another weekend of me not leaving the house and instead spending time in front of my computer working on such things as writing samples, grading, dissertation descriptions, etc. I got up early this morning and made a giant calendar with due dates for job applications, conference talks, dissertation chapters, articles and other writing projects for the next three months, which decoratively, yet threateningly occupies the wall-space above my bed, so that it is the first thing I see after getting up and the last thing before falling asleep. While this strange need for self-flagellation may appear to be a rather morbid pre-breakfast activity, the day was immediately rescued by Q101, who greeted me with the Ramones’ “I Wanna be Sedated” as the first song of the day–there is just something about the Ramones that always puts me in a good mood (which is strange, considering I first began listening to them in my teenage-angst, no future/depressed-phase punk rock caters to so well).

After finishing this first project I had some coffee and breakfast and then found myself in the mood for some quality procrastination before getting back to my writing sample. Consequently, I started thinking about Halloween costumes (which is quality procrastination, indeed, considering that I may not even have the time to leave the house on Halloween). I saw a red cardinal costume in a Halloween store on Halsted from the bus yesterday. This made me consider the following option (including two friends, fittingly from the Spanish Department–yes, that’s you!):

I would really love to enter bars this way–especially in the company of two friends who are similarly stressed out by their dissertations and need to celebrate utter insanity for one night. (“Amongst our chief weaponry are such diverse elements as surprise, a thesis on the political and ideological problems of the very concept of diversity, an almost fanatical devotion to our dissertations and beer, as well as an utter lack of social skills after years of grad school.”)

Come to think of it, considering my current psychological condition, this would be a more appropriate costume–my brain hurts:



  1. I wanna be a garden.

  2. A lesser comedian would respond: “I dig.”

    Instead, my response is: “huh?” I have wanted a garden for years, but I am not sure how to transform myself INTO one (which does not seem like a bad idea at times). What kind of garden, anyway? Are we talking flower or veggie?

    Me is intrigued.

  3. hahaha…

    A flower garden.

    A long flowy green dress with bunches and bunches of flowers glued on it (fake ones, of course) and bees and ladybugs and curl my hair and clip flowers to it and wear a wreath of daisies and very green eye shadow. And a LOT of perfume.

    I don’t think that you can be a flower garden though, ’cause you’re a boy. 😉 Maybe a vegetable garden, or an orchard.

  4. There is nothing wrong with entering a bar dressed how you like. There is something quite liberating about costume. You can essentially behave as you like and nobody expects anything different from you.

    Go out and buy a Batman costume. It will free you.

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