Day 245: Colbert Amok

Today is a busy writing day (well, yes,  I admit it: I will have the game on on the side and enjoy writing a lot more while it is accompanied by the sweet sound of the Bears crushing the Vikings). I have also wanted to go see a few new movies for a while now. There a LOTS I would like to see (including a few zombie and vampire flicks I STILL could not make it to–is 30 Days of Night out yet?), but the ones that really bug me, because I haven’t had the time or the proper persuasion by a second person to leave my work for a few hours, are Into the Wild, The Darjeeling Limited and The Assassination of Jesse James… . In any case, I don’t have much time for, well, anything, really and will thus simply post this link to a very funny op-ed column in today’s NY Times (Steven Colbert writing Maureen Dowd’s column–which, I must say, is a change the NY Times should consider making permanent–not necessarily because of Colbert–mostly because of Dowd–well, that’s unfair–she actually wrote a great piece on regressive sexual politics a while ago–but still–actually, the more pressing issue would be to finally replace Thomas Friedman–maybe with a parrot who constantly repeats: “the world is flat, globalization is opportunity, outsourcing makes for cultural diversity and great anecdotes…”–but I’m rambling…). Here the article:


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