Day 254: Online Backup

Sending out lots of application and preparing my job talk for next Friday. Also, took my students on a field trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art last night. Good times. Saw the “Collection Highlights”–part of MCA’s 40 year celebration. Took pages and pages of notes–fantastic(!) stuff in the collection (may have to write about it at some point). Lectured as we walked through the museum and at some point realized that people kept joining our little tour (old couples, whom, despite my tired brain yesterday, I identified at some point as non-students–“Hey, you’re not in my class, are you?” “No, is that ok?” “Yeah, what the hell.”)–so I couldn’t stop lecturing at that point (and no one even tipped me 🙂 ). In any case, I haven’t had a lot of time for anything else, including blogging. Today, thus, a post that is actually more a question to all of you than a proper post:

can anyone recommend a decent, safe, free, unproblematic online backup service?

I am getting too paranoid about losing my diss and buying and hiding memory sticks makes me feel too much like a digital squirrel preparing for winter. I know there is ibackup, that MSN has some free service and that google may be offering similar online space. Again, I don’t need much, so the space offered by any of the free sites will most likely not be an issue. I just want my baby to be safely tucked away, so I can sleep again at night. Any suggestions, warnings, etc.?



  1. I tried out evil M$’ SkyDrive (, but you ‘only’ get 500MB. The more reputable option for larger files is apparently Xdrive (5GB) –

  2. congrats for attracting voluntary mature students! which class was that?

    I simply mail the latest version of stuff I am afraid to lose (prose, mainly), to my own gmail account and file it there. you have a total of more than 2GB, so you don’t have to delete mail, and I think the maximum size for an attachment is 20MB – that’s usually enough for a document. Low tech and simple.

    Also, you can be sure that gmail is going to be around for quite a while.

  3. They so should have tipped you since you tip the guy that takes the beer from behind the bar to in front of the bar. Pfff old people. Booked your flight yet for Thanksgiving?

  4. I just had a real scare the other day. My 2-month old backup HD (a portable, La Cie Rugged model) suddenly wouldn’t mount. I e-mailed thier customer support and was told I could either reformat or trying using a data recovery program that costs $75. Neither option appealed to me. For now, I’m uploading diss. files to Mozy, which seems reliable. I decided to save my photos, too, so I’m paying $5/month for unlimited storage. The anxiety relief alone is worth it. I’m still pissed at LaCie though.

  5. Thanks a lot for the suggestions, y’all. (Sorry–just looking at a job at the University of Kentucky.) But seriously: thanks–your comments are greatly appreciated.
    And Eric: good to hear from you. How was the move? How is Sweden?

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