Day 263: It’s Job Talk Day

Yes, the day of the (departmental/practice) job talk is here. It is almost done (I have to do some last minute editing) and it may not be all bad. I have been crying a lot, since I wasn’t able to fit in a lot of cool stuff I wanted to talk about. Also, my skin is irritatingly dry. Sadly, I found that I get really good ideas under the shower–and I was in need of lots of good ideas. I also had to cut out all movie clips, photographs, music, etc., which is especially disappointing, since I really wanted to justify ending the title of my talk in “…Extravaganza 3000.” I only have some transparancies, which would call for something more like “…Extravaganza (not so much) 1973.” So I decided to drop that part of the title. Anyhow, I gotta get back to the revising and then figure out what to wear (I’m color blind, so this could end up being the “extravaganza” part of my talk). Oooooh, the anxiety.



  1. What’s the topic of your talk now? Btw, I am all for Extravaganza 1973. Most of the time that I have seen non-business academics use Powerpoint it was a text-ridden disaster. Unless you want to show photographs, there is hardly ever a reason for using a computer, projector and powerpoint. I am a huge transparencies supporter.

    Here are two good instructions for using powerpoint.

  2. The talk was great, really. On par with K’s talk a year or two ago. Your work is super interesting. I’m willing to subscribe beer for the book.

  3. How was the talk?

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