Day 268: On the Road

Hmm…I haven’t read that in a while. Not a bad novel, especially in those times during which you are confined to your room/notebook and dream of roadtrips (maybe not always of the Kerouacian kind, though).

I will be on the road beginning tomorrow. However, this will be less of a fun road trip than a hectic drive to Cleveland, where I will be presenting a paper at this year’s M/MLA conference, an activity that needs to be done but for which I really do not have time at this point. Today I sent out applications number 45-49, put together and sent out a panel proposal for next year’s ALA conference, graded some papers, and tried to figure out what to talk about at the conference. (Well, I just started that, got frustrated and stopped. I actually had to look up the title and abstract I submitted about half a year ago and realized that I would have to do some serious cutting/pasting to cut down the relevant paper to conference length–I may in fact just put down some bullet points and give a free presentation–it’s not like I haven’t memorized every word and logical structure/argument of the stuff that has robbed me of many nights of sleep throughout the past few months/years). The two panels I organized revolve around literary realism. I anticipate arriving at the conference along with two colleagues completely deprived of sleep, overcaffeinated, slightly ill, and with the insane smiles of desperation in our faces that are so characteristic of our current situation:  doesn’t get any more real than this.

Wow: ever realize how whiny we grad students are? How annoying–seriously, it’s not like we’re coalminers! Hence, I will stop complaining (even though I ran out of coffee and nobody feels my pain, but whatever) and get back to my conference talk writing process (accompanied by Nine Inch Nails remixes of Enigma songs–very strange stuff and I usually don’t work well with background music/TV, but I have to replace the missing coffee somehow.) What would Charles Bronson do, I wonder? Punch my conference paper in the nuts, maybe? Where are the simple, Bronsonian solutions these days? Oh, wait, they are being monopolized by the Republican Party. Sorry, I forgot.


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  1. I feel your pain. Bronson might get donuts: a dirty dozen.

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