Day 275: Another Conference

Last week’s conference went relatively well. The presentations on the panels I organized turned out to be very interesting, the people were nice, and I actually got some valuable feedback on my own presentation. No rest for the wicked, though, as the next conference is coming up this weekend. I will be giving a presentation and moderating a panel on Friday, which means that I should really get my talk together. This, however, is being complicated by two things: 1) I am still sick as a dog (whenever I begin to feel better, I have to pull an all-nighter, or spend a few days with only three or four hours of sleep per night and the flu comes back because my body seems to be too tired to kick it out completely) and 2) I am beginning to wonder if giving a paper on the end of biopolitics (as a valuable/contemporarily suitable hermeneutic principle) was the best choice for a paper at a conference where biopolitics is the dominant analytical paradigm (the Project Biocultures conference). But then again, the organizers felt they should include my paper, so I guess I should not worry about this too much. Upside: it is rather unlikely that no one will want to ask questions/have comments after the talk.

Other than that there is really not much new to report that does not revolve around my efforts to get rid of my cold (I am taking vitamins, airborne, drink lots of fluids, and even eat fruit (yes, fruit–me!), but I still seem to be unable to get healthy–I have been trying to do things my sports coaches would have advised me to do back in the day, hence I tried to “run it out” by the lake for the last three days, but surprisingly this did not work either–I may try rubbing some dirt on it a little later, usually a coach’s second universal remedy.).



  1. Being sick sucks. 😦 They have this stuff called “Wellness Formula” at Whole Foods–you pop 3 pills every 3 hours or so until you get better. It’s always worked for me, so you may want to give it a try. Also, vitamin A is key. I think this is about the only time when overdosing is encouraged! Of course, none of this will work if every night you’re only getting 3 hours of sleep! But you knew that. 😉

    Geez, I’ve been such a hermit lately. Literally, I’m swamped. I’ll be sending out applications this weekend—wish me luck!

    Have you finished sending all of yours out?

  2. last i checked vit. a was mostly needed for all sorts of eyeproblems – granted, if you take too little of it, it may possibly in the long run affect your immunsystem, too – but the eyes go first. and overdosing is not too good an idea with a fat-soluble vitamin – unless you want to add nausea, vomiting and all sorts of other lovely side-effects to your list of ailments.
    however, that might make you sick enough to where you wouldn’t have a choice but sleep – which might, as you have realized yourself already, not be such a bad idea. so maybe you should overdose on vit. a!

  3. you need lots of valencia oranges, some drops of ecchinachea in your valencian orange juice chicken soup with ginger root and lemon in it for dinner and also a shot of brandy at night
    hope this helps, get better! 🙂

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