Day 285: Shock Video Craze

Dear all, I dearly wish my return from a brief blogging hiatus could take place under less traumatic circumstances. As I always do, I got up this morning, made some coffee, sat down in front of my computer, and checked my e-mail. One of my friends sent me a link to a website featuring a video he urged me to see. I did. I died a little inside. My day is ruined and my breakfast is standing beside me unfinished. What a cruel start into what could have been an enjoyable and productive weekend. As it is, I will spend it not writing and running but most likely under the covers in the fetal position, silently weeping.

Reason: there is apparently a new global craze revolving around internet shock sites people are forced to watch while their reactions are being filmed and subsequently posted on youtube. The site that kicked off this new trend…well, you know what: I will not provide the link here. Instead, I will provide the link to a collection of reactions to the video people posted on youtube. If you really want to see the video, you can surely figure out the web address on your own. But let me warn you: even though I am trying to look at this from a safe critical distance and actually find the video interesting (as well as the reactions) from a purely psychanalytic standpoint, it is hard not to be “slightly” taken aback. Have you seen Pasolini’s Salo lately? No? Well, then look up the site for a quick recap. Let me know how it went.

Here some reactions–enjoy:



  1. Alright. Thanks for the warning. I think I have figured out what it is about and hence won’t watch it. Yuk.

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  3. […] I should watch it while filming myself doing so, then uploading it to youtube. This is the current ‘craze’ and, as an online specialist, I like participating in shit like that (excuse the pun […]

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