Day 293: Flight of the Conchords

I am still desperately trying to finish an article while fighting off the remnants of my cold’s second attack wave that hit me last weekend. My brain is still rather mushy, hence I have to take frequent writing breaks that are devoted to tea with honey and some gentle comedic brain-exfoliation. My current go-to comedic duet: Flight of the Conchords. I haven’t enjoyed New Zealand exports this much since the second half of Death Proof. Here two examples (the first one is hardcore gangsta rap, which, I hope, won’t offend any of my readers; the second one is a piece I like to listen to if I want to put myself in a sexy mood–saucy!). Enjoy.



  1. Make sure you teach your students that “Stream of consciousness” is not the stuff that comes out of their head when they blow their nose.

  2. He, he.
    But: c’mon, give my students some credit. This is really a concept everyone is familiar with. Also: generally, I tend to have rather smart students at UIC. The only thing in respect to this concept they need to be taught is that ‘stream of consciousness’ is an inherently individualistic creative impulse and thus a perpetuation of the novel as a bourgeois genre (which is why I never thought Burroughs is radical in any way). It also annoys me that soc by extension ruins psychoanalysis’ reputation by falsely equating it with an individualistic fetish, disregarding the always already dialectical relationship between individ. consciousness and the symbolic, which only soc attempts to undermine in an anti-dialectical manner.
    Hence, Flight of the Conchords may be praised for their doubtlessly Hegelian parody of soc, which I like to consider a fight for the persistence of negativity. Spirit is a Jellybone. Ha, ha.

  3. hiphopapotamous is possibly my favorite thing ever. i was obsessed with this a little while back, to the point of alex threatening to lock me in a rubber room. so so so so much fun. missing your face.

  4. Update please

  5. Shannon: yes, i miss your face too! In fact, I miss faces in general (I’ve been inside for way too long at this point)–but I especially miss yours. How is the Kansas crowd doing? Hope you and Alex are well.
    P.S.: I greatly enjoy your re-naming of lifetime. I even prefer it to the name a friend of mine has for the channel–she likes to refer to it as “lifetime–television for idiots.” I enjoy the subtle and more nuanced offensive nature of your new name, though (which, and this is the beauty, my in fact may not even be offensive at all). I shall from this point only refer to it by its new name.

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