Day 344: Neologisms and Slaves

I am very busy writing at the moment, so this post is simply a small assortment of things I have recently come across that struck me as rather weird. 

First: neologisms. I thought William Gibson was the master of those, but here some examples of neologisms I had previously been unfamiliar with despite my devotion to Gibson’s writings: 


Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck

“You hurt your leg? Well, DILLIGAF! “

“Oh you got another new phone; DILLIGAF!”



Similar to that of a doppleganger, it is another individual with the same name as you whose records and/or stories are mixed in with your own when you Google yourself.

“Hey, I just googled my name and found that I have three googlegangers!”

California Car Pool

When each member of a group uses their own car to go to the same destination. Typically, describing the case where the group is together at the start or close enough to share rides.

And finally this:



  1. My googleganger is a photographer born in berlin. One of my Tom Robbins books (the german edition of “Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas”) has one of her photos on the cover. Regarding my former job as photo assistant, this is a funny coincidence.

  2. Goggleganger’s definitely the most useful to me. I have ONE, but she must be about 10 years younger than I, so I got to snatch all the gmail and gmx accounts first:-)

  3. love the california car pool, my google gaenger is a house painter in eggebeck

  4. I don’t seem to have a googleganger. I feel somewhat left out. And that despite the fact that I teach “William Wilson” so often!

    albert: thought you’d enjoy the California Car Pool. I really have to call sometime soon–things are just crazy right now. I am off to another meeting now, but will try to squeeze in a call within the next few days.

  5. Dear Dean, may we broadcast the slaves anthem before every grad-student job talk and TA lecture? It makes me even happier than when there’s a new box of chalk in the classroom.

    Let’s rock into this recession!

  6. Ouch, such strange and uncharacteristic bitterness regarding grad student life/work. Where does that come from?

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