Day 384: World Pillow Fight Day 2008–Chicago Event

March 22, 2008 is World Pillow Fight Day. A number of cities around the globe are organizing events you should definitely attend. Pillow fighting is a recent phenomenon that emerged out of flash mob culture and has become increasingly popular. Most major cities have local “Pillow Fight Clubs” and organize events regularly. Some of the most popular events are the annual Valentine’s Day pillow fight in San Francisco (video below), or the biannual pillow fight organized by Columba University as a means to relieve stress before finals week.

On World Pillow Fight Day all events are synchronized and should start at the exact same time. Here the website and a list of events in major cities:

Join me and many others at the Chicago event:

March 22, 2008 @ 2 p.m. in front of the Art Institute of Chicago (Monroe & Michigan)

Bring a feather pillow, a trash bag, and lots of peace and love. Spread the word (without using paper).

If there need to be wars in the world, this is what they should look like!

Here the 2008 SF Valentine’s Day pillow fight:

and one of the early ones in SF:


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  1. I’m going to London’s pillow fight today. Use pillows not bombs!

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