Day 390: Tadadadadadadadaaaaaaa

Yes, I play virtual brass instruments.

Also, I have a job. I got the contract in the mail yesterday and signed it last night in one of my favorite dive bars. While signing the contract felt great, we had another distinct hint of a doubled “reaching/deferring objet petit a” moment (the plan for this event was to get, well, ridiculously lit, but that was not possible due to the fact that I have a lot of writing to do this weekend). So the “lighting” will have to wait a few more days. Still, I slept great last night (a job and a few beers/shots help tremendously in the nightly effort to forget the fact that I haven’t slept in a real bed for over five years now–aaah, the crazy luxuries of the gainfully employed).

But, to get to the job: it’s a tenure track, assistant professor position at Saint Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia, Canada. It’s a great job and my final decision to go there was incredibly easy to make. It’s a beautiful university with an excellent commitment to both teaching and research (their site contains info about their impressive past rankings), the teaching load is relatively low, which means that I will have time to write and publish, the students are extraordinarily bright, and the department is very young, energetic and exceptionally friendly. The English department has recently hired (and will be hiring) a lot of young, promising faculty (last year they hired a 19th century American scholar from Hopkins, this year they hired a 20th century British scholar from Cornell and they are looking to add two new people in two additional fields next year). In addition to this, the established faculty members I met are very welcoming, collegial and do really interesting work (the fact that I feel a strong ideological connection doesn’t hurt either). They flew me in for three days in early February and, despite the fact that the schedule for the campus visit (teaching demonstration, job talk, interview, …) was packed, it immediately struck me how pleasant this department made this visit, which, as you know if you’ve ever done campus visits/job talks, is a quite remarkable feat and thus immediately signaled to me that this department would be a terrific fit. Ok, now I guess it’s back to writing for me. Oh, I forgot: I’ll be teaching 20th/21st century American literature (and occasionally courses in literary theory and cultural studies). Oh, and something else: Nova Scotia is gorgeous!!! Nature! I’m so happy!



  1. congratulations! I’m happy you’ll be moving to Canada. No offence, but living in the US of A must suck, surely. I for one wouldn’t want to be there. Canada, on the other hand, is a great country 😛

    A bit like moving from England to Scotland, where England kinda sucks and Scotland is the independent, proud, ‘alternative’ country.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! That’s excellent!!! 😀

  3. Glückwunsch – hey.

  4. Congrats! Great news! – ah, the German just love Canada… and it really sounds great (if you’re into nature). When are you going to start!

  5. Thanks a lof for the well-wishes!

    lenina: actually, I have thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Chicago. It may be my avorite city at this point. But, your point is well taken and I am indeed looking forward to living in a country that has an existing welfare state, health care, affordable education, gun control, etc. (and whose citizens do not mind paying more taxes to enjoy all these things, something US citizens never seem willing to do–a refreshingly un-selfish country, thus). Also, we will in fact at least geologically live in the same country, as Nova Scotia used to be connected to Scotland (which is why esp. Cape Breton looks like the Scottish Highlands).

    anaj: I’ll be starting relatively soon: July 1. So, I have to hurry to get my affairs in order here in Chicago and then begin preparing for the big move. At this point I’m thinking with the help of two mules named Abercrombie and Fitch, much like Steinbeck (and unlike the racist clothing company of the same name). 🙂

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