Blog Re-Launch Extravaganza (or something…)

I am currently considering re-launching this blog. I am, however, not yet sure whether or not I should change its content, layout, aim, …

The simple reason for returning to blogging is: I have time again. The last few months were crazy and only now are things beginning to calm down at least somewhat (well, maybe in 2 weeks I can really say that and actually mean it). I finished my Ph.D., I got a job, I moved to Canada (I drove a truck up here from Chicago–took me all of three days, 1750 miles and did things to my body that scared me a little bit), I live in a house in the woods, I go swimming in the ocean in the evenings, I read and write a lot and I just agreed to function as committee director for a student who wants to write her thesis on the Beats.

So, I will probably be unable to post daily, but I am hell-bent on getting back to this. Hope you’re all well. I’ll talk to you all soon.



  1. Congratulations on the move! I look forward to reading about your exploits or whatever the new CJ will cover. 🙂

  2. What a life! It sounds like a holiday:-)

  3. What are the Beats, btw?

  4. Not a bad gig, not at all! So I’m assuming the transition from city lights to lightening bugs was a smooth one?

  5. *lightning

  6. anaj: yeah, it’s not too bad up here, indeed. The Beats: short version for “Beat Generation Writers: (well, it was a broader cultural movement of the 50s and 60s, but the writers were at its center). Main figures were people like Ferlinghetti, Snyder, Ginsberg, Kerouac, Burroughs, Corso, Clellon, and Orlovsky. (I may be forgetting important people, but I don’t have much time right now.) I’m critically speaking not very interested in the Beats, but I completely understand how their writings can be very attractive to younger people. Liking the Beats is good for a rite of passage, I suppose, that eventually leads you to liking better stuff with a more sophisticated and intelligent attempts at aesthetically mediating politics. I have the feeling people go to the Beats for the same stuff they search in Hesse’s _Steppenwolf_ or _Siddharta_. I guess it’s not a bad thing for the 18th year of your life–read Hesse, Camus and Kerouac. So, all in all, I’m looking forward to this thesis–not necessarily because thesis on th Beats produce interesting insights, but rather because they tend to produce good future developments in the students literary and socio-political education. (Plus they just released the original version of _On the Road_–there may be interesting work to be done on that.)

    joanna: well, it’s no doubt a radical transition, but thus far I’ve really enjoyed it. The people are really nice, I love the nature up there and I will really enjoy teaching at that university. But: how are you? Have you relocated yet? When does the new, exciting stage begin for you?

  7. I like this: “Liking the Beats is good for a rite of passage”

  8. Hello!! where in canada are you now?? it sounds wonderful. by the way i just checked your entry on gary busey here on the right, what a great underrated actor!! have you seen barbarosa with willy nelson? uf! i hope you are doing great! take care

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