NYPD Officer Assaults Critical Mass Rider


Without warning or attempting to stop him non-violently.

Fucked up.

I have participated in Critical Mass rides in Chicago.

They are always peaceful.

All over the globe.

In New York City they are illegal.

New York City promises liberty and justice to the world’s “tired, poor and hungry.”

New York City stands opposed to undemocratic (state) repression and extremism and is willing to defend this freedom of its people against terrorists.

New York City markets itself around the world as the place to which one can escape from the evils of the world.

That is, unless you’re on a bike, evidently.

If on a bike in New York City, you forfeit, so it seems, your right to free speech, free assembly and the privilege of being protected.

But good news, if the logic of the NYPD and NYC legislators is correct, you should be safe from being attacked by terrorists (because you are more like them than like a good NYC citizen and those subjects NYC welcomes).

So, if you’re a New Yorker who is scared of Al Quaeda: ride a bike! But make sure you wear protective gear and look out for the NYPD. However, this may be a good gamble: in contrast to your usual terrorist, NYPD officers are at least clearly recognizable, so you reduce the paranoia factor.

Form your own opinion about what Critical Mass bike rides are, if they should be illegal in NYC and if risking a human being’s health over it is a justified action in order to uphold “the law.” Btw: it looks as though the police officer will get away unpunished. Another proud day for all of us who stand by and laugh precisely because there is nothing to laugh at (as Adorno would have it) while the “law” is being executed by aggression and troubled masculinity.

Here the footage:

Here some info on Critical Mass:






  1. As a cyclist myself, Critical Mass gives us a bad name.

    You are like PETA to animal lovers
    Jesse Jackson/Al Sharpton for African Americans
    Bush for Republicans.

    By being disruptive and BLATANTLY breaking traffic laws, you are distracting from the cause. I hope more cops do this. If im on my bike and I see a critical mass going on, I will personally will put a stick in your spokes.

  2. Dear JK.
    It is always go to hear from intelligent people. Despite the impressive logical coherence of the similes you present above (and I’m going to refrain from addressing the ideological underpinnings of your statements–I am still to much in awe), I do feel like I have to remind you of one small thing I did mention in my post, but I realize great minds sometimes may skip by small words: Critical Mass is not an illegal event in most cities in the world. It is a well-organized event that allows people to collectively enjoy a bike ride through a city that is usually not as friendly to bikers, enjoy the presence of others, meet new people, express themselves and do so in a safe atmosphere provided by the protection of the police who ensure the riders’ safety. The events, after all, always happen on the same dates, start in the same spots and are in cities such as Chicago staples of a fun summer experience in the city for many people. Even the World Naked Bike Ride is a great spectacle each year people love to see and support (including the police). The question, to reiterate this, is why NYC (and evidently people like you) is (are) unable to share the excitement and peaceful actions of the rest of the world.

  3. Actually, JK, I cannot help myself and am curious about your similes.


    Critical Mass to cyclists

    is like

    Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson to African Americans

    and if your solution to Critical Mass is a stick to the spokes, what do you advocate we do with Sharpton and Jackson? Having them beaten up for the advancement of African-Americans, it seems would be the logical conclusion of the square of interrelations as you present it. Maybe also by a white NYPD officer?

  4. I agree with you, cerebraljetsam. It is ridiculous that a person can’t enjoy a bike ride without wondering wether or not they’ll be rushed by a police officer. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights’ Preamble states that “freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people”. Article 3, of our own consitution, states that “everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” If we can’t feel entitled to our basic rights, what can we expect next?

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