Day 344: Neologisms and Slaves

I am very busy writing at the moment, so this post is simply a small assortment of things I have recently come across that struck me as rather weird. 

First: neologisms. I thought William Gibson was the master of those, but here some examples of neologisms I had previously been unfamiliar with despite my devotion to Gibson’s writings: 


Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck

“You hurt your leg? Well, DILLIGAF! “

“Oh you got another new phone; DILLIGAF!”



Similar to that of a doppleganger, it is another individual with the same name as you whose records and/or stories are mixed in with your own when you Google yourself.

“Hey, I just googled my name and found that I have three googlegangers!”

California Car Pool

When each member of a group uses their own car to go to the same destination. Typically, describing the case where the group is together at the start or close enough to share rides.

And finally this:


Day 159: Back in Germany

Mes amis digitales,

I have officially set up camp for the next few weeks in my mother’s house and while I am trying hard to get work done (and I will need to get a lot of it done), it is always rather difficult to not just sit around and relax, or play with my dog in my mother’s beautiful back yard. Just to give you an idea, I posted some pictures I took last night on flickr. They should appear soon in my sidebar (bottom right), or you can click on the link in the sidebar (“more photos”) to get to the cerebraljetsam flickr photos (or click this link:

The flight here was quite an adventure. The food on Air India was actually great (if you like Indian food, that is, of course). I had lamb curry and it was among the best airline food I have had. Sadly, the aisle seat I had reserved apparently went to a higher bidder, so I had to sit smack in the middle of the middle row (oh, yes, the best seats on any long flight). Initially, I was glad that the people sitting next to me were small and skinny (something that cannot neccesarily be said about me–well, it is not that I am fantastically large but about 200 pounds @ about 6″1 just need a little more space on flights and am always uncomfortable, since the seats are too small for me). The initial excitement about the small people next to me faded very quickly, though, as the older gentleman on my left quickly colonized my space in a quite spactacular manner (probably thought I was British and launched a spatial payback-campaign). Pressing my arms tightly against my torso in order to leave him some room (“he’s older, let him have his space,” I thought) apparently still was not enough and so the nice older man began to elbow me (with a very skinny, thus pointy elbow!) in the arm and ribs, a workout regimen he surprisingly was able to keep up for the entire flight (scared of thrombosis, I assume–I was tempted to point out that the complete anti-thrombosis package should also include kicking me in the shins). In addition to this I had three little children behind me who kicked the back of my seat for about 7 of the 8 1/2 hours of the flight. At one point I almost fell asleep, an action that, of course, needed to be immediately corrected by the passengers surrounding me. In this case, the person correcting it was the child behind me who tried to climb on top of my seat (I had gotten used to that spiel at that point), slipped, fell and tried to secure himself by holding on to my hair. Good stuff! So much for sleeping. Needless to say I spent yesterday catching up on sleep and only got to set up my workspace this morning.

But I do have to say that I am quite relaxed, even after just one day of being here. The weather is nice, I had some good food, some good beer, went running/hiking with my dog and spent three hours napping while “watching” yesterday’s stage of the Tour de France. Today it’s back to work. I’ll keep you posted on the events over here, including my confrontations with small, old men.

Day 83: Where is My Mind?


It is not just when I listen to the Pixies that I have to ask myself this question. No, last night at about 9 I realized I was out of coffee and still needed to get some writing done. As the writing had to include the attempt to fuse Jameson and Freud in an argument about historicity I felt like I should be awake. So, I went to Caribou around the corner in order to get what I hoped would be my coffee of choice: Rainforest Blend–a smooth and creamy dark roast that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance, organic and a fair trade product. When I got there, however, I was informed that they did not have any left. Even worse, they told me they are completely phasing it out! Faced with the intolerable cruelty of not being able to enjoy my favorite coffee any more I began to search the list of coffees for something comparable, but remained unsuccessful. So I asked the girl behind the counter:” do you have any other free trade coffees?” She looked at me funny and when I realized what I had said I could in my state of shock only stammer: “well, I guess the rest of them all are.” Has neoliberalism taken over my mind? Is it not only working through viral marketing, but maybe also through direct control? I cannot help but think about the videos anaj has posted in which some creepy guy with a gigantic, bushy eyebrewery (they are not just eyebrows any more–its a whole eyebrewery–in German: “Augenbrauerei”) fucks with people’s minds and makes them want things they did not originally want. Now I am scared of people standing around on Chicago sidewalks whispering “free trade, free trade.” Thank God I rarely leave the house. Now I have a reason to continue my development toward digital hermit state.

Another short and clear ‘Marcuse for the Day’:

Scientific management of instinctual needs has long since become a vital factor in the reproduction of the system: merchandise which has to be bought and used is made into objects of the libido; and the national Enemy who has to be fought and hated is distorted and inflated to such an extent that he can activate and satisfy aggressiveness in the depth dimension of the unconscious.

P.S.: Does anyone else think a bunch of Helnwein’s stuff is actually pretty good (such as “Epiphany”)?